Can you name every high school and school counselor in your territory? Aside from the day that you visit a school, do you know what’s happening on those campuses throughout the year? When you need more information about a school to evaluate an applicant, or when a counselor needs information to better assess whether a student would be a good fit for your college, is it easy to engage with your colleagues on the other side of the desk? These are some of the questions we wanted to address by creating the Hobsons Counselor Community. 

Thousands of users have already joined the community and created a personal profile – welcome! And if you are the primary community user for your institution – whether as a high school or a postsecondary institution – we hope you’ve updated any information that appears in your institutional profile.

But what else can you do in the Hobsons Counselor Community right now? Here are some tips to get the most from your community membership:

  • Post news and photos to your institutional feed. This helps increase awareness of and generate interest in your school or college. You can upload photos (up to 2MB), write short blurbs about news or events, and brag about your students!
  • “Follow” other schools, colleges, or universities. Is there a profile for your alma mater in the community? Follow it so you can stay up to date on campus news and events. Are you a college admission rep who has feeder schools in your territory? Follow them so you’ll know what’s happening when you visit in the fall.
  • Connect with other community members. Find the colleges where your students matriculate most often and connect with the admission rep responsible for your territory. Look up friends and acquaintances at other high schools or universities and invite them to connect. You’ll be able to send messages to your connections and stay in touch throughout the year, not just during visit season.  
  • Get ready for travel season with RepVisits. RepVisits will be a part of the Hobsons Counselor Community later this summer. If you’re already using RepVisits, your account information and any visits that have already been set up will automatically migrate to the next generation of RepVisits this summer. If you’re not currently using RepVisits, either as a high school or a college, sign up for a free account now.

Haven’t joined the community yet? Here’s how you can join:

  • Naviance users can access the Hobsons Counselor Community using the icon in the upper-right corner of your home screen. Once you’re in, set up your individual profile and check out your school’s profile. 
  • Higher education institutions are allowed one primary user who can request changes or updates to institutional data. Use this link to request your free account and to learn more about our Intersect solutions.


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