How to Guarantee Your Teen Gets the Best College Tour
Reader’s Digest, Erica Lamberg

College admissions experts share tips for how to get the best college tour.

11 college admissions tips we learned from the editor of the Princeton Review
Today, Allison Slater Tate

Princeton Review editor-in-chief Robert Franek shared 11 tips for student and families entering into the daunting and confusing college admissions process.

Experts don’t know how many students are prepared for college. Here’s why that matters
PBS NewsHour, Sarah Butrymowicz

Each year, more than half a million American college students have to take remedial courses to teach them basic math and English skills they should have learned in high school. But that’s not the full story. The full story cannot be accurately told, because of problems in how states collect the data — if they collect it at all.

Using ‘Now’ to Get Students to Think About the Future
Wall Street Journal, Dan Ariely

In response to a reader’s question about how to get her liberal arts college students participate in career-discovery activities earlier on, Dan Ariely suggests she create structures that make career exploration feel like a “now” concern.

​Hobsons Acquires High School Counselor's Edtech College Connection Tool
EdSurge, Jenny Abamu

RepVisits has been acquired by Hobsons. Founded in 2015, RepVisits, a Connecticut-based startup, connects high school counselors with college admissions representatives, making it easier for high schools of all sizes to attract on-site visits from colleges and universities.


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