Every fall, they troop to your door – smiling, cheerful, and full of excitement about the colleges they represent. They meet with your students and with you, if you’re available. Sometimes, they even bring Starbucks or a pennant for your office with them.

They’re college admissions reps, but not just any college admissions reps. They’re ‘Road Warriors,’ as demonstrated by the thousands of miles they drive every week, the number of weeks they spend away from home, and the hundreds of students they will meet every travel season.

From our 2016 Road Warrior survey, completed by more than 200 college admissions officers, we produced To Lunch or Not to Lunch – a report containing insights on recruitment travel, what differentiates “good visits” from not-so-good ones, and information about the number of high school visits and college fairs representatives are expected to complete each season.

We’re also offering a webinar, hosted by Kim Oppelt (a former high school counselor) to discuss last year’s results and encourage conversation about how to make the high school visit and college fair process better for students as well as school and admissions staff. Please plan to join us on October 25 for this fun and informative presentation!

Sep. 27, 2017

by Hobsons


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