School counselors and college admissions staff are both critical to supporting students looking to identify and enroll in best-fit colleges. When counselors and advisors on “both sides of the desk” can work together more easily and efficiently, students benefit from better information about colleges and higher quality college planning conversations. 

  1. Both sides of the desk have important insight and information.
    School counselors know their students and admissions staff know their institutions. The more each side can connect and communicate with their counterparts, the better the chances that students will be exposed to higher education options that are they best fit for them.
  2. Collaboration leads to better understanding and decisions.
    In the world of admissions, it's all about making connections. The better a school counselor understands what a college is looking for, the easier it is to guide students to the right institutions. Likewise, if admissions representatives have a good understanding of the secondary school's profile, they can better evaluate an applicant’s fit with the institution.
  3. Focusing on the best fit is a win for students.
    For admissions representatives, working with high school counselors to understand which students would be a good fit for their institution can be more effective than focusing on taking in more and more applications. Better fit from the get-go can improve yield, increase retention beyond the first year in college, and improve student outcomes and student satisfaction. For high school counselors, strong collaboration with admissions representatives can enhance the investment you’ve made in students throughout their middle and high school years to support their post-secondary planning. Students who find their best-fit college or university (and are successful in school and life) could ultimately serve as ambassadors for helping your next generation of high school students connect with those colleges and find their own best fit.

For these reasons and more, Hobsons is introducing a new community to help school counselors and college admissions officers network more effectively. This new space will bring together Naviance high school counselors and higher education admissions staff to facilitate a dynamic network of counselor connections, provide exposure to high schools and higher education institutions, and foster relationship-building with the broader admissions community.

To learn more about ways that K-12 counselors and admissions staff can connect and work together to help students make informed college and career decisions, we invite you to join us for a webinar, “’It Takes a Village’ – Building Relationships to Ensure Student Success in Admissions,” on Wednesday, March 15 at 2pm ET.



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