The unsung heroes of the fall have to be the admissions staff members who are up before dawn to drive to their first high school of the day, and who then proceed to visit three or four more high schools before heading to an evening college fair…five days a week.

If that sounds like you, you’ll want to read our report – To Lunch or Not to Lunch – based on Hobsons’ 2016 Road Warriors Survey. We compiled responses from more than 220 college admissions representatives to provide a picture of life on the road for these valiant travelers. 

Insights from the report include:

  • Most popular restaurant (hint: it includes coffee and free wifi)
  • Percentage of visits that occur during lunch (too many...)
  • Most frequently-asked questions from students

Respondents also included advice to high school counselors for improving the visit process and other information about their experience with recruitment travel.

The 2017 Road Warriors survey is open for participation now – stop by your favorite restaurant, grab some coffee and free wifi, and give us your perspective on life as a travel staff member. We’ll be putting together another report on the results for publication in the spring of 2018.

We’re also offering a webinar, hosted by Kim Oppelt (a former high school counselor) to discuss last year’s results and encourage conversation about how to make the high school visit and college fair process better for students as well as school and admissions staff. Please plan to join us on October 25 for this fun and informative presentation!


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