Three words can strike terror into even the hardiest college admissions officer’s heart: Fall travel season. Maybe you’re super-organized and you have a color-coded spreadsheet from last fall that you’ll use to start setting up visits for fall 2017. Or maybe you’ve always relied on postcard invitations, sticky notes, and printed out emails to track where and when you need to visit.

There’s an easier way to set up your travel schedule, and it won’t require weeks of phone calls and emails back and forth with high school counselors. It’s RepVisits, and it’s coming soon to the Hobsons Counselor Community.

We recently hosted a webinar on what you can expect from the next generation of RepVisits, and our audience submitted a lot of great questions, including the following:

  • As a college admission counselor, can I sign up for an individual RepVisits account now (before RepVisits is available in the Counselor Community)? If so, how? Yes, you can. Go to and sign up for a free account. When the next generation of RepVisits is available – in the Hobsons Counselor Community – you’ll receive an email with login information. 
  • Can colleges sign up for visits now? YES! If a high school is using RepVisits and has published its calendar for the fall already, you can sign up for visits prior to the migration and that visit data will carry over to the next generation of RepVisits.
  • How are you informing high schools about the RepVisits option?  We’re publicizing RepVisits at regional ACAC events, the Naviance Summer Institute, via blogs and social media, through webinars, and through our outreach to our Naviance schools. We will include RepVisits and the Hobsons Counselor Community in our back-to-school communication campaigns in August/September, and this will also be a major focus for us when we attend NACAC in early September.
  • As an admission counselor, how can I advertise RepVisits to high school counselors? You could send an email to all the schools you plan to visit to let them know that you suggest they sign up for a RepVisits account. There is no cost to high schools to use RepVisits.
  • Will there be new functionality for college admissions reps when the next generation of RepVisits launches? Is there a cost for colleges to use RepVisits? While RepVisits was a great tool before, we’ve been hard at work to improve the overall experience and add even more functionality. You will still be able to search for and schedule appointments with individual high schools for free, but admissions offices that purchase the Intersect Presence package will also: 
    • See visit availability and schedule appointments for up to 10 high schools at once, and view 25 college fairs at the same time
    • Get data-driven recommendations for best-fit schools to add to your visit list 
    • View high school locations on a map and see the travel distances between high schools to optimize your travel time
    • Receive notifications when schools publish visit availability in your territory

If your institution hasn’t joined the Hobsons Counselor Community yet, or if you’d like to learn more about Intersect solutions, use this link to sign up for your free institutional profile and request more information. 


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