The fall recruitment season is already in full swing, and many admissions offices are busy building their inquiry pools for students entering in fall 2018 and beyond. Some of you are gearing up for a Senior Search purchase of 100,000 names more. Others are planning for Search purchases of sophomores and juniors from ACT, College Board, NRCCUA, and other vendors that will top 200,000 names.

Once you have all those names, you’ll spend weeks, months, maybe even a year trying to get students to respond, apply, and enroll. You’ll probably create personalized student portals and send five or more emails, postcards, or brochures to students, hoping for a response rate of 10-15 percent. You’ll even set up “non-responder” campaigns to make sure you’ve tried everything to get students to raise their hands and indicate even the tiniest level of interest in hearing more from your institution.

After all that work to get students to respond to your Search communications, maybe 5 percent will apply. Ultimately, about 1 percent will enroll. So…how’s that working out for you?

It’s time to rethink the traditional, Search-focused approach to building your inquiry pool, where the emphasis is on gathering as many names as possible and hoping enough students respond to hit your enrollment goals in a climate where every year moving forward, you’ll be competing to recruit from a smaller pool of U.S. high school graduates. Instead of expending the bulk of your time, effort, and budget to attract a very small percentage of your entering class, wouldn’t it be easier, more effective, and less expensive to work with students who have already expressed an interest in your institution? 

Intersect™ by Hobsons includes an array of solutions to help you connect and engage with potential best-fit students. The Intersect platform includes:

  • Intersect Awareness, to increase the awareness of your institution with students, families, and school counselors through enhanced college profile pages in Naviance and interactions in the Counselor Community;
  • Intersect Presence, to facilitate personal interactions with students at school visits and campus or regional events, using RepVisits and ActiveMatch Events; and 
  • Intersect Connection, to enable engagement with students who want to learn more about your institution via Naviance ActiveMatch. 

Through Naviance ActiveMatch, you can invite college-bound students at the 40 percent of U.S. high schools that use Naviance to connect with your institution while they are exploring postsecondary options and thinking about their future. When students who are a potential match for your institution choose to connect with you, they are, in effect, raising their hands to request more information. And if a student is already in your inquiry pool as a result of Search outreach, our research indicates that that student is 16 times more likely to apply and 9 times more likely to enroll than a student who did not connect with you via ActiveMatch.

Isn’t it time to stop “spraying and praying” and start focusing on students in the middle of the admissions funnel who are truly interested in you and stand a better chance of succeeding at your institution?

Check out our new Hobsons Knowledge Base white paper for insights on how to get the biggest return on your recruitment efforts and investments.


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