National School Counselor Week | Amanda Fitts, Arcadia High School 

Amanda Fitts is the college and career counselor at Arcadia High School located in Arcadia, California. She has been a school counselor for 13 years and has been with Arcadia High School for three years. Amanda started her career as a math and psychology teacher before going back to school for a counseling degree. She shares that her passion is to help students not just find a plan after high school, but find the best fit plan for who they are. 

This was evident in an impactful story she shared with us. Amanda told us about a student she is really proud of. This student was a junior at the time, and she was beginning to explore college options. She used Naviance SuperMatch®, a college search tool that allows students to discover colleges that are both a match academically and a fit with their expectations for a college experience, to explore her options. This student met with Amanda to discuss her results. Amanda advised her on the importance of finding a college that is the best fit, not just a college with a popular name, or one her friends are applying to. Through Amanda’s guidance, this student and her parent ended up taking a campus visit over a school break to a school she wasn’t considering at first but was a good fit for her needs. She loved the campus; she applied, was accepted, and is a student there now. Amanda shares that when this student came back for an alumni lunch panel recently, she expressed how much fun she was having and how well she was doing in her coursework. She told Amanda that she would have never considered looking at this other school, and “this is the absolute best place for me.”

We could hear it in Amanda’s voice how proud she was of this student and that this is what keeps her going; knowing she is helping students end up where they feel they belong. Thank you, Amanda, for all that you do for your students and for your passion for helping students find their best fit plan after high school! 

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