With so many military veterans transitioning out of the military, higher education institutions around the United States are playing a key role in welcoming them home and helping them transition back into civilian life. The Georgia Veterans Education Career Transition Resource (VECTR) Center at Middle Georgia State University is a non-traditional instructional site that has embraced this role. A joint initiative between the University System of Georgia and the Technical College System of Georgia, VECTR shifts veterans into best-fit Georgia state-run higher education institutions and new careers.

Staffed by veterans and spouses of military veterans, VECTR offers a variety of services to meet the unique needs of military veterans. To date, nearly 2,050 veterans have turned to VECTR seeking career coaching, educational training, professional certification, and mental health assistance. Using Radius by Hobsons, VECTR staff record veteran information, manage events, compile resumes, and track individuals as they move throughout the education process.
With Radius, VECTR manages veteran students throughout their lifecycle at the institution. The admissions and enrollment software is used to record supporting data to help veterans achieve goals; organize documents, referrals, resumes, and job posts; offer exams and certifications; and manage events and job placements to meet the needs of individual veterans. Career coaches and academic advisors use this information to connect individuals to new opportunities of which they may not have previously been aware.
VECTR aims to expand its services to the whole state of Georgia to help more veterans and their family members successfully transition to civilian life. Radius will help the organization to scale this expansion while also maintaining its instructional coaching services, career and employment assistance, and community resources to achieve its mission, "to successfully transition veterans and their families into Georgia’s public colleges, universities and the state’s workforce."
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