Dr. Kal Srinivas is the Director for Retention in the Office of Academic Programs at Syracuse University – and an active participant in our Starfish User Community Listserv. Recently, she responded to a post from a new community college client requesting “the real story” from institutions that had implemented the Starfish platform.  

Syracuse launched Starfish December 2015 as Orange SUccess. Here is what Dr. Srinivas advised:

  1. Starfish cannot lead the implementation on your campus. They can guide the conversations.
  2. IT cannot lead the implementation either (they have to be the unsung heroes doing the heavy lifting).
  3. Your Functional Leads (schools and colleges) have to determine the momentum for you.
  4. Communication is key; communication is key; communication is key. And, oh, by the way, communication is key!!!
  5. Culture is not one aspect of the game...it is the game. Remember – culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  6. Report out early wins but remember to tell them what is not going well and where your barriers are.
  7. Stakeholder buy in (students, faculty, advisors, and leadership) is crucial.

Dr. Srinivas will be telling the Syracuse implementation story at Hobsons University later this summer, as part of our “Getting Started with Starfish” track. 

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