How to Make Your College Visit Schedule Go “Boom!”

The College, Career and Life Readiness Framework identifies college knowledge as a key competency for student success. One of the best ways for students to get a feel for a college is to meet with college representatives who take time to visit their high school. But for counselors, identifying colleges and scheduling those visits isn’t always easy. Two California high schools figured out how to streamline that process and increase the number of reps visiting their schools.

In 2016, Alameda High School had 28 colleges visit, mostly from in-state universities. Gwen Meyer, their college and career specialist, decided to use RepVisits in Naviance to increase her school’s visibility to colleges. RepVisits allows counselors to post their school’s visit availability and enables college reps to sign up for visits. As the schedule fills up, students can sign up to attend the sessions in Naviance. “It was life-changing,” says Meyer. Meyer reports that she had 50 college visits this past year, nearly doubling the number of visits from 2016 and significantly expanding the number of out-of-state institutions visiting.

Meyer has gotten creative with getting the word out to students by promoting the sessions via her Instagram account and even live-streaming some presentations. Her efforts are paying off. “We’ve significantly expanded where students are applying,” Meyer says. The increased visits have also benefited underclassmen. Meyer says it helps them gain exposure to the colleges and see what questions the seniors are asking.

An Instagram post promoting college visits at Alameda High School’s College and Career Center

After her success, Meyer became an advocate. She shared about RepVisits with a colleague, Chris Nye, the college and career specialist at Encinal High School. Nye says that Encinal High wasn’t on college’s radars for visits. In 2017-18, Encinal High School only had 6 college visits. This past fall, when he entered his school’s availability in RepVisits, Nye said, “Boom! It started filling up immediately.” This year, Encinal had 32 visits, over five times as many visits as the previous year. Nye says that the increase in reps on campus “put a lot of colleges on students’ radars that weren’t there before.”

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RepVisits helped counselors schedule 275,000 college visits at 3,500 high schoools for the 2018-19 school year. Colleges can use RepVisits to manage appointment schedules at high schools nationwide. Get in touch with us to learn more.


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