There are multiple ways to discover and meet the needs of students. The Flagstaff High School guidance department makes it a priority to research and implement the best strategies to help students discover and achieve their goals. One of those strategies includes creating a college and career going culture, receiving student feedback, and incorporating the latest technology to streamline processes.

Flagstaff High School is a public high school in Flagstaff, Arizona serving approximately 1,600 students. In 2007, the counseling department chose Naviance by Hobsons as the solution to achieve their goals, and assist students with the transition from high school to their postsecondary journey.

For the past nine years, Flagstaff improved its college and career readiness culture by implementing Naviance. Flagstaff has increased the college acceptance rate from 2009 to 2015 by 12.8 percentage points. The graduation rate for Native American students is an impressive 100 percent. Students and guidance counselors can now easily access and track the progress toward completing Arizona’s Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP). Outside of ensuring students meet this graduation requirement, students use the platform to plan their program of study, research postsecondary opportunities, and keep track of their progress toward graduation.

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