Did you know that this year’s Hobsons University will feature three full tracks of breakout sessions – nearly 22 sessions – designed specifically for our Starfish community? Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned power user, we have content that is designed to meet your needs.

Are you new to the Starfish community? Here are a few sessions that can help you ramp up your knowledge and skills.

Early Alert to Support Student Success (University of Missouri)
Bringing a campus community together around one technology platform is a challenge, but it's also an opportunity for transformation. Learn how the University of Missouri used their Starfish implementation to advance conversations and unveil new opportunities to assist students.

Orange SUccess Implementation: A Never-Ending Story? (Syracuse University)
With Starfish, Syracuse began large-scale changes to processes and workflows among colleges and our administrative departments, leading to the adoption of a "One University" view... but they're not done yet!

Making Evidence Matter (Ellen Wagner, Vice President of Research, Hobsons)
A thought-provoking discussion full of findings from recent student success research tempered with a healthy dose of reality. What do you really need to know to help your students? And now that you know, what are some ways you can use evidence to make a difference?

What's So Great About Predictive Analytics? (Hobsons Team)
This session provides a candid look at the opportunities and challenges involved in using an institution's historic data to predict student risk. We'll share insights into factors that are empirically shown to impact student persistence, completion and velocity... and factors that aren't.

Building a Better Starfish (Hobsons Team)
Take a deep dive into our product roadmap and see not only what is coming next, but why. What is the vision? What are the inputs? How do we plan for the next big thing? And, most importantly, how can you help direct the future development of the solution?

Looking for a deeper dive into the possibilities of the Starfish platform? Here are a few sessions your team may find particularly interesting.

Integrating Interventions: Making Early Alert Earlier (Northeast Wisconsin Technical College)
NWTC has made significant changes to their advising model that would not have been possible without Starfish. This panel discussion will include: using predictive analytics, introducing a unique, non-cognitive student intake survey, and a new student Integrated Advising Model.

Managing Early Alert on a Large Scale (Penn State, Syracuse University, University of Cincinnati, University of Missouri)                                                      
Four institutions will come together to discuss challenges and successes with using alerts. The session will include best practices for faculty adoption, internal communications, assessment, and the impact of early alert technologies on student and course outcomes.

AHA! Our Top 10 Real-Life Examples of Analytics in Action (Jan Day, Director of Success Services, Hobsons)
"Analytics" can seem very abstract, but insights gleaned from your data can become very concrete and actionable. This session pulls together our favorite moments from actual client "data reveals" that highlight the power of data to catalyze change.

Of course, that’s just a sample of the breakout sessions. Hobsons University also offers intentional networking opportunities, fabulous keynote speakers, and direct access to Hobsons leadership. Review the full schedule here, and register today!


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