Congratulations to Starfish Institutions Making Headlines!

Last week, the New York Times published an article about the retention issue in higher education, “The College Dropout Crisis.” In the article, authors David Leonhardt and Sahil Chinoy created an index for expected graduation rates, calling out specific institutions who were either performing well, or not so well. In reading the article, I was really proud to note that half of the top performing schools use Starfish.

In the article, the authors also noted that high performing schools:

  • Provide more structure to help students develop a rewarding roadmap to success;
  • Make meaningful connections to ensure that your resources target students with effective and timely interventions; and
  • Use data and analytics to create an environment where your staff make informed decisions that enable actions aligned to institutional goals

While reading their findings, I couldn’t help noticing that these are all places where Starfish can make an impact on institutions every day. Starfish supports nearly 500 institutions on its platform -- impacting more than 4 million students every term.  We effect change with our schools by integrating enhanced case management tools, predictive analytics, student support and academic planning on a single platform. We also know the best way to improve your student success outcomes is to develop an actionable plan for your team that aligns to your vision, key institutional goals and metrics.

Several Starfish institutions highlighted in the article include:

We, at Starfish, remain eager to share how we can help colleges and universities increase graduation and retention rates.

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