More than 87% of the college admissions road warriors responding to our recent survey said they recruit both fall and spring, with almost one-quarter reporting that they spend more than 13 weeks on the road in recruitment travel each school year. According to my calendar, that means it’s almost time to hit the road again.

After months of reading applications, it can be fun to get out of the office and visit schools again – but it can also be a royal pain. Your desk (and your office floor) may be covered in postcards, letters, printed emails and calendar sheets with sticky-notes attached. You need to schedule visits around college fairs, campus yield events, and spring breaks. And you’re not the only one trying schedule these visits; dozens, if not hundreds, of other colleges are in the same boat.  

We know, and data supports it, that high school visits have higher conversion rates of applications and enrollments than other forms of outreach and recruiting activities. However, given the ability to drive qualified interest, examining visit success is a critical part of determining your travel plan. It’s important to look at visit success metrics like, how many applications are you receiving from x, y, z schools? How have visits historically impacted enrollment yield? How can you be strategic when scheduling your visits? How can you maximize the time you’re spending in each geographic location?

With RepVisits, part of the Intersect platform by Hobsons, booking a visit appointment or signing up to attend a college fair is as easy as clicking a button. In fact, it’s so simple that more than 154,000 visit appointments have already been scheduled for this school year already! The ability to save time and enhance your in-person connections will make your spring travel season more enjoyable and more useful in building relationships with students and school counselors.

Colleges and universities that purchase the Intersect Presence package have even more functionality available to optimize travel. You can view the visit availability for 10 high schools (and 25 college fairs) at once, create a reusable Travel Plan, and get data-driven recommendations for Naviance schools with potential best-fit students to add to your visit list. High school counselors have the option to provide feedback on visits, enabling admissions managers to see how the institution is being perceived on the road and pinpoint any potential coaching needs for staff.  

So, how can you stay sane during the travel season and maximize the time you’re spending in the road? Join us for an upcoming webinar, on Wednesday, March 7 at 2:00pm EST. You’ll have the chance to hear firsthand from true road warrior, Cuca Acosta, Associate Director of Admissions at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She’ll share how RepVisits has changed the way she and her staff look for best-fit students and manage the frenzied travel schedule needed to accomplish their enrollment goals. This is sure to be a webinar that’s full of suggestions and tools for how you can finish out your travel season strong and even set yourself up for next year.

Also, don’t miss your chance to receive our Admissions Travel Toolkit. We’ll be sending a copy to all attendees following the webinar.  

For more information about Intersect Presence, and to find out how you can improve the effectiveness of your travel planning, visit or contact your Account Manager today.

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