We’ve talked to a number of Naviance ActiveMatch customers who said they weren’t doing anything special with the students who opt-in to connecting with their institutions. In some cases, they don’t even import the names of students who have connected with them via ActiveMatch, because “the student is already in our inquiry database.”

But that same institution is likely to track whether an existing inquiry attends an Open House or makes a campus visit – so why not track that a student has expressed interest in the institution by requesting an ActiveMatch Connection?

If you want to maximize your recruitment effectiveness, we have three suggestions for enhancing your ActiveMatch connections:

  1. Update your inquiry pool in your CRM. The majority of students connecting with you via ActiveMatch have probably been in your inquiry pool for some time – possibly two to three years, depending on when they appeared on a list you purchased from the College Board or ACT. In the meantime, though, you may have no idea whether a student has developed an interest in your institution. On average, students connect with 2.1 institutions using Naviance ActiveMatch. They’re not ‘spraying and praying’ – they’re making a choice to request a connection with just a few institutions. If you want to know a student’s current level of interest in you, a connection request should be a good indicator. Be sure to include this request in the student’s contact history.
  2. Flag your ActiveMatch connections. Admissions offices are constantly trying to figure out ‘what works’ in their recruitment efforts so they can concentrate their efforts and resources on the strategies that produce the best results. Creating a flag for ActiveMatch connections will allow you to track these students as they move through your admissions funnel. Our customer research shows that students connecting via ActiveMatch have a higher rate of application, admission, and enrollment than students who did not connect in this manner. Setting a flag for ActiveMatch connections will make it easier for you to track and report on your results throughout the recruitment cycle.
  3. Show them some love. As noted above, these students have been looking at your institution and at their own goals and needs, and they’ve decided they’re ready to engage with you. Don’t treat them as though they are inquiring blindly. Consider adding a communication (email, postcard, phone call – whatever works for you) that acknowledges the student’s hard work and postsecondary exploration in Naviance, and lets them know you’re happy their research has led them to you. Also, add ActiveMatch connections to a more intensive communication track – they have demonstrated their interest, so don’t wait to start sharing the “good stuff” (digital viewbooks, department-specific info for majors of interest, information on financial aid and scholarships, invitations to campus events, etc.).

ActiveMatch is a powerful tool for raising awareness and increasing engagement with potential best-fit students. These best practices tips will help you maximize your ActiveMatch results and put you on the path to achieving your enrollment goals.


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