A Look at Course Trends

Colleges Can Democratize Data

Even though many institutions have excellent institutional research (IR) offices, they may have volumes of institutional and student data but don’t have the tools or processes in place to leverage that data to make decisions at scale. For example, if the Language and Literature department wanted to look at its courses by equity gaps as part of a student retention effort, it would send a request to the IR office. The request may take months to turnaround based on where the request is in IR’s queue and the complexity of the request. Even then, when the request is complete, the Language and Literature department discovers new questions upon reviewing the results, which starts the wait cycle again.

Enter Starfish’s Course Explorer and Course Trends
With Starfish’s Course Explorer and new Course Trends reports, the Language and Literature department can quickly identify those equity gaps on their own, or take on more complex tasks like measure the effectiveness of course and curriculum developments. Starfish’s Analytics platform makes data more accessible and actionable. It doesn’t replace IR but enables the institution’s leadership to access basic outcomes more easily on their own, enabling them to go to IR for next-level requests.

For example, see the below three common scenarios addressed by our new Course Trends Dashboard that academic leadership can access on their own:

  1. You want to quickly identify which courses in the last term have sections that are low performing compared to other sections.
  2. You want to identify courses that have large changes in pass rates since the last time they were taught.
  3. You have an intervention or curriculum update you want to evaluate over time, comparing courses and course sections.

To learn more about how Starfish Retention Solutions can help your institution and students through our Analytics tools, contact us today to continue the conversation.

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