Every day students as young as 6 are forming perceptions—too often misperceptions—about the range of college and career options available to them. As a result, by the time middle school rolls around, two out of every five students are already disengaged.

Here are just eight examples of myths that stop elementary students from pursuing their interests and achieving their goals.

  1. Girls can’t go into that field.
  2. My family has never been to college, so I won’t either.
  3. I could never afford college.
  4. My parents want me to be a doctor/lawyer/accountant, they’ll just choose my path for me.
  5. If I hit a roadblock, I’ll never achieve my goal.
  6. There’s no one who supports my goals.
  7. My interests and strengths aren’t important to my future.
  8. Boys in my community don’t do that job.

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