Application reviewing is a key, necessary process that each institution must do. Hobsons is committed to making sure that process is simple, organized, and efficient. Here are five updates to our AppReview system that take some stress off of the practice.

  1. Multiple head reviewers: The review process can be a stressful one, and you shouldn’t have to worry about bottlenecks. Allowing multiple head reviewers both eliminates slow-downs in the review process, while at the same time delivering additional flexibility into how you manage your review workflow.
  2. Flexible bundle editing: We all do it. We send a text message, publish a blog, or share a photo…only to immediately realize you needed to update what you’ve just sent. AppReview bundles are no different, and you shouldn’t be punished for needing to edit once it’s published. We’re working hard to enable AppReview bundles to be more flexible when you need to edit and change a live bundle during the review process.
  3. AppReview insights: Data is quickly becoming king when it comes to decision-making, and admissions decisions are no exception. We want AppReview to deliver data to your coordinators and reviewers in a dynamic and visual way that will lead to more insightful decision making.
  4. Improved communication during review: The application review process can be very complex at times, with many individuals involved over many days of review. Communication becomes critical. AppReview will soon support two-way communication between coordinators and reviewers directly within the AppReview interface.
  5. Holistic review guidance: We understand the growing need to take a more holistic view of an applicant and look beyond applicant’s test scores and GPA. We also know that AppReview is not the only tool that is used on campus during the review process, but AppReview should be the one stop shop for reviewing all data. Whether it’s a video interview, digital portfolio, or multi-media profile, AppReview will give your reviewers access to all of your critical information, ultimately driving faster and easier decision-making.

For more information on how Hobsons can help streamline application review on your campus, contact us today.


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