Upcoming Starfish Webinar: 3 Critical Approaches HSI Institutions Can Implement to Drive Student Success

In 2014, Northern Essex Community College (NECC), a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) based in Massachusetts enrolling 15,000 students, initiated a small pilot program with Starfish by Hobsons with the goal of increasing retention and course completion rates. They focused on finding quicker, easier ways for faculty to proactively identify and flag early stage at-risk students and developed an efficient system for support services to respond to those alerts.

Register for our upcoming webinar with NECC, Increasing Retention Through an Integrated Student Experience Approach, on Thursday, November 10 at 2 p.m. ET to learn more about:

  • How the initiatives of a cross-functional strategy team ensured an organized and efficient implementation with favorable faculty and staff buy-in and adoption levels.
  • How coaching teams and internal marketing initiatives made students aware of and interested in taking ownership of their success at NECC.
  • How they developed an effective support model complete with clear protocols and intervention guidelines that allowed the initiative to scale institution wide.
  • Results: How a cohort of at-risk Latino students were identified early and positively impacted by student success initiatives – resulting in improved course completion and retention rates year over year.

Register here to attend the webinar.

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