21 Schools in 13 States Get Early Access to Course Planner Reimagined

At this year’s Hobsons Summer Institute, we shared the announcement of our new Course Planner Reimagined launching December 16, 2019. The new Course Planner Reimagined was designed based on the collective feedback of hundreds of clients across numerous states to improve the overall experience within Naviance for staff and students.

Some improvements and new features include:

          - Much simpler process for set-up and implementation​
          - Alignment to ILP requirements and career pathways
          - Improved user experience for staff and students​
          - Reimagined reporting for administrators and staff

As we continue to design products with our clients in mind, we are thrilled to give early access to 21 private and public schools across 13 states. These schools will have the opportunity to implement and experience the new Course Planner Reimagined and provide their feedback weekly to our product team. This feedback will help us ensure there are proper implementation and training materials available for all clients when the new Course Planner Reimagined launches on December 16, 2019.

We tried our best to ensure there is a representation of single schools and districts of all sizes, as well as clients from different states with ILP mandates and career pathways initiatives. We also wanted there to be a mix of different student information systems since that is important to set up and implementation processes. 

A huge “thank you” to all the participating schools. We appreciate your partnership!

To learn more about the new Course Planner Reimagined, please reach out to your account manager or schedule a meeting with us here.


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