As summer vacation approaches, high school juniors across the country are preparing for college visit road trips. To get the most out of your visits, here are some key questions to ask college staff, and more importantly, college tour guides.

  1. Get personal! Ask your tour guide or admissions representative why they chose to attend (or work at) that college. Finding out what drove an individual to attend might dig deeper than the typical responses you might hear.
  2. Why not? Every college has a flaw. Ask questions about what this might be. By finding out the details about your potential college (good AND bad), you are fully educating yourself about life at the institution. Better to know any pitfalls prior to attending!
  3. Can I change my mind? According to ACT, only about one-third of high school students choose an initial major that matches with their interests. What happens if you change your mind? Are there other majors you can choose from? Do general courses count toward more than just your major?
  4. Where is everyone?! Colleges have a good idea of how many students are sticking around on the weekends. Ask them this so you’re not the last man standing on campus during the weekends.
  5. Can I eat that? Ask a lot of questions about dining services – and give the food a try if you can. If you have special dietary needs, ask about accommodations. If you plan to schedule early or late classes or activities, ask about the dining hours. You’ll be spending a lot of time eating on campus, so make sure you’re comfortable.
  6. What else is there? Although classes and studying will take up a majority of your time on campus, you’ll still have time to spare. Ask about how students get involved on campus and find out how you can join. If you’re interested, stop by one of these clubs, organizations, or teams. You might just like what you see!
  7. Mom, dad? Yes, they may be embarrassing, but let your family ask questions. Allowing your family to be part of the process can help them feel better about where you decide to attend (and may keep them out of your hair when you actually get there!).
  8. Ask yourself! The most important question you need to ask isn’t out loud. During your college visit, ask yourself, “can I see myself here?” If you are able to picture yourself in the classroom, residence halls, and on campus, you may have found your match.

What other questions are important to ask during college visits? Share in the comments!


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