Increasingly, higher education institutions in America are rethinking their admissions and recruiting practices to draw students who will be a good fit with their institutional culture.

This study addresses important questions about higher education admissions and recruiting policies and procedures as perceived by leaders grappling with key issues.

The following are some of the questions addressed by the study:

  • What undergraduate student populations are the focus of admissions recruitment efforts?
  • Did institutions meet their enrollment goals for the current academic year?
  • Are pathways programs for foreign students key parts of institutions’ recruitment strategies?
  • How are concerns about student debt affecting college admissions?
  • What factors are influencing community college admissions?
  • How are colleges reacting to the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the use of race in admissions decisions?
  • To what extent do colleges seek disciplinary records of applicants, and how is this information used?
  • Are colleges seeking more out-of-state students?
  • Do admissions directors perceive that potential students are discouraged from applying because of doubts
  • about the value of a college education?
  • What do college admissions directors think of the new SAT test and of standardized testing more generally?
  • Do admissions directors favor or oppose Hillary Clinton’s higher education plan?
  • What impact do admissions directors believe the Coalition Application will have on college admissions?
  • How will the ability to include the past two years’ financial information on the Free Application for Federal
  • Student Aid affect college timelines for admissions decisions and financial aid awards?
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