Education Advances Award recognizes Highline’s leadership in CCLR

The Highline school district is one of four finalists for Hobsons’ annual Education Advances Award for College, Career and Life Readiness (CCLR). The award recognizes leading student success teams who help students find and follow a path to higher education and rewarding careers.

Highline is a diverse public school district with 33 schools and almost 19,000 students. The student success team set a clear goal: make post-secondary planning an intentional process for students, not simply a compliance requirement. Administrators saw that students and staff weren’t making full use of Naviance. They recognized an opportunity for a district-wide CCLR refresh and a new rollout of the Naviance platform.

Conquering hurdles, showing real results

After the pandemic hit, Highline moved forward with a modified rollout plan. The plan focused on:

  • Reacquainting staff and students with Naviance
  • Introducing college representative visits
  • Launching single-sign-on capabilities for staff and students
  • Hosting Highlines’ first school-wide professional development sessions in partnership with Naviance

Highlines’ student success team showed their commitment to CCLR with an “all hands on deck” approach. They created a central office team, including the data and assessment department and information management system department, to work alongside the Secondary Success College and Career Readiness department. The district hired a position to focus on a “High School and Beyond” plan and Naviance software to better partner with their schools.

The key for us was being realistic and honest about the challenges we were faced with and partnering with all stakeholders to find resolution,” explains Sativah Jones of Highline Public Schools. “This required cross-departmental collaboration in our district alongside Naviance.

As part of the Naviance re-launch, Highline Public Schools devised new strategies to increase student engagement. They started with the Highline Challenge, an initiative that requires seniors to develop their post-secondary plan by completing multiple Naviance tasks for a chance to win scholarships and prizes. Highline also introduced a Naviance 101 session for all 9th grade students and parents at “CollegeCon,” their annual college exploration conference, to increase awareness and visibility of the solution.

These strategies nearly doubled their login Naviance engagement with both staff and students.

System-wide buy-in is key to Highline’s success

Jones sees the successful expansion of CCLR programs as a continuous learning experience for everyone involved in student success.

Consulting with neighboring districts that use Naviance, attending webinars, cross departmental meetings, and brainstorm sessions, as well as dedicated staffing and high-level administrator participation in Naviance demos, have influenced system-wide buy-in for Naviance the CCLR program.

This buy-in at all levels—students, staff, and leadership (including the Superintendent) has been the key to success,” she says. “We’re going to keep going and learn from it all!

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