College, Career, and Life Readiness Framework® Booklet

Student populations and needs are changing, all while educators are being asked to do more with less and being held more responsible than ever to ensure a holistic approach to student success. The College, Career, and Life Readiness (CCLR) Framework® is a practical toolkit that enables educators to meet these evolving demands.

In this research-backed CCLR Framework®, you will learn:

  • The six core competencies students in grades 6-12 must achieve to become college, career, and life ready
  • Themes and objectives for each competency as well as grade-specific activities
  • Practical ways to create a comprehensive, research-backed CCLR scope and sequence for any size school or district

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Topics College and Career Readiness K 12

College & Career Readiness

Prepare students for college, career, and life with a research-backed readiness framework and comprehensive toolset. Create connections between their strengths and interests to success after high school.

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