Experiential Learning on New York’s Harbor

The yearning to establish an calmer than Manhattan educational setting is what led to the creation of the New York Harbor School. Founded in 2003, the private school has since become an educational refuge for city students seeking to learn traditional subjects in a natural setting.

Six Core Themes that Support Curiosity in Elementary Students

In a recent webinar, we discussed how educators have the opportunity to help students understand that recognizing personal interests can lead to best-fit education paths and careers. Hobsons works with schools to discover how college and career readiness fits into the elementary landscape.

Weird 101: A College Course Exploring the Economics of Love

Relationships and love can be tricky to navigate. Who should make the first move? Are men really more dominant? Are women the more conscientious half of a romantic couple? Throughout history, social scientists have explained the varying behaviors of men and women by citing social norms, cultural ideologies, and biology.

Don’t Limit Your College Search Before It Begins: Four Things to Consider

Major decisions can be stressful and complicated, not to mention expensive: Which house in which neighborhood? Which job? Which retirement investments? This summer, many students and their families will make perhaps the most anxiety-inducing of long-term investment decisions: choosing a college.

Keeping Students Engaged: Tapping Curiosity in Elementary School

How can schools keep students engaged as they grow from elementary school to middle school to high school? According to the Gallup Student Engagement survey 76% of students are engaged in elementary school as opposed to a meager 44% in high school. The answer to this engagement challenge may just be in a trait demonstrated by so many elementary students: curiosity.

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Perseverance: Just Keep Swimming

What does perseverance mean to high school students? Is it studying hard for a test in a difficult subject? Is it practicing a skill until they’re the best they can be? For Yusra Mardini, perseverance means swimming.

Timely Texts, the Economics of Love, and Diversity on Campus

Today we air Episode 5 of Upgraded by Hobsons, a free monthly podcast accessible through iTunes, featuring stories and interviews with students and educators exploring innovative topics in K-12 and higher education. Join more than 1 million listeners who have made Upgraded one of the most popular education podcasts on the air.

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What’s New with Naviance eDocs in the 2016-17 school year?

This school year, we’re pleased to introduce several key improvements to Naviance eDocs. Here is a brief summary of eDocs additions new for the 2016-17 school year.

Ramapo College Named 2016 Education Advances Award Winner

Hobsons is pleased to recognize Ramapo College in New Jersey as the Admissions and Student Success winner for the 2016 Hobsons Education Advances Award. Stephen M. Smith, President of Advising and Admissions at Hobsons, announced the winner on the final day of Hobsons University in Las Vegas. The award included $2,500 to support student success programming efforts.

Hobsons University Daily Recap: Day 3

More than 900 Hobsons clients wrapped up the final day of Hobsons University Wednesday with a panel discussion, awards ceremony, and numerous learning sessions, followed by an exciting contest and a pool party.

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