College Readiness, Beyonce, and the Beer Goggles Effect: Wrapping up Season 1 of Upgraded by Hobsons

As 2016 draws to a close, we launch today the final episode in Season 1 of Upgraded by Hobsons, our free podcast accessible through iTunes. We invite you to join more than 1.7 million listeners who are tuning in to Upgraded. All nine episodes of the first season are now live.

What’s Trending in Education

Interested in what’s trending in education? Here are a few highlights from recent education news.

The Link Between What You Study and What You Earn

The relationship between college education and careers is increasingly important in today’s economy.

Supporting University Admissions Around the Globe

Hear from Hobsons' Director of Product Management and her travels to Australia in order to understand the different needs of our admissions clients in different parts of the world.

Call for Participation: College Admissions Representatives

Life on the road can be a hard but rewarding experience for the thousands of college admissions representatives who venture out every year. At Hobsons, we’d like to hear about your road warrior experiences in our Road Warriors Questionnaire.

Increasing Retention Through an Integrated Student Experience Approach

See how Northern Essex Community College uses Starfish to transform their student success strategy.

Why Hobsons Is Thankful

The ongoing support of clients and partners who share Hobsons' commitment to helping students is what motivates us to do our best every day. Here are a few things we're grateful for in this time of gratitude.

Start Your College Search With These Four Steps

The best way for students to decide if they’ll like a future career is to jump right in and take it for a test drive. High schooler Nino Lovo-Ochoa spent the summer as a Hobsons intern, learning about the world of marketing and communications. Here Nino offers advice for fellow students beginning their college search.

Three Things Higher Education Professionals Need to Know About “Re-Gen” Students

Just when you thought your communication plans were perfect, it may be time to rethink if your messages will still resonate with this upcoming student population.

Four Benefits of Creating Collaborative Partnerships with Local Higher Education Institutions

As counselors, we contribute to the preparation and development of our students’ postsecondary plans. In Denton Independent School District in Texas, the partnerships we have with the local higher education institutions play an invaluable role in helping our students succeed. Here are four benefits students in our district have experienced as a result of our partnerships with local colleges and universities.

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