Back-to-School Guide

To get the most out of your Naviance partnership, we recommend incorporating these tips into your back-to-school plans and taking advantage of new features, many of which were user recommended.

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Account Cleanup Checklist    

  • Update Welcome Messages and Custom Links.
  • Update School and District Scholarship Lists.
  • Activate Naviance eDocs (early August) and choose whether to opt-in to the Common App Integration.
  • Join the Counselor Community to engage in discussions with your peers.
  • Get familiar with the new way of providing feedback called Naviance IDEAS.
  • Update Common App Matching Tutorial video.
  • Remove language referencing Family Connection from home screen and other customized content.
  • Share information with teachers regarding Teacher’s Desk enhancements.
  • Update relevant surveys, staff access, and student group membership.
  • Review and update RepVisits settings and availability for the new school year.
  • Take the College, Career and Life Readiness Diagnostic Assessment to see where you may have gaps in supporting the six CCLR competencies.

To learn how to perform the above tasks, please see this presentation in the Help Library for more information. (Make sure you are logged into Naviance to access the link)

In addition, take advantage of RepVisits and Counselor Community to stay informed and connected with the Naviance Community and Higher Education admissions counselors.

Get Started with RepVisits and Counselor Community

Highlights for 2019-2020

Reimagined Reports
This fall, several reimagined reports will be available in your subscription. Success Planner reports will come first, helping district and school staff manage Individual Learning Plan progress and other programs more effectively. Look out for an announcement in Naviance!

  • Key Metrics Highlighted
  • ​Consistent Experience
  • ​Easy-to-Read Data

One of the new Success Planner reports with key metrics highlighted and sortable columns of data

eDocs and College Planning
Several enhancements are coming to eDocs and the college planning process. 


  • Missing requirement notifications when submitting Common App forms
  • Notifications for teachers each time a student adds a letter of recommendation request
  • Error messages with steps to correct the issue
  • Application type (ex: Regular Decision, Early Action) limited to options available at that institution

College Planning

  • Ability to import preACT scores
  • Scholarships flagged as past due in Naviance Student
  • Ability to exclude past due scholarships from student searches
  • Updated college profile data and alignment of data across the educator and student experience

Look for announcements in Naviance when these features are available in the coming weeks. 

A Common App matching error in Naviance Student with instructions for correcting the issue

Reimagined Course Planner
The reimagined Naviance Course Planner will be available later this school year. The new Course Planner enables students to create a coherent sequence of courses that align to career pathways, and allows educators to easily track when student progress towards graduation requirements and educational goals. Get in touch with your Account Manager for an early preview! If you already have Course Planner, then plan your migration now. Call 1-866-337-0080 for more information.

The redesigned Course Planner enables students to align their courses with career pathways

Naviance CCLR Live by Kaplan 
Students have access to a series of engaging live-streaming and video on-demand courses by Kaplan to develop the mindsets and skill sets needed to succeed in life. All courses support the Naviance College, Career and Life Readiness (CCLR) Framework for student success. Students can sign up for free live courses today and watch free on-demand courses now!

Upcoming live courses:

Enhanced Support

Live Chat with Support
Chat live with Naviance Support Services for quick answers to your questions. Available now!

How to Get There: Home Page >  > Browse Help Articles > Contact Support

Naviance staff users can chat live with a Support representative between 8:00am – 7:00pm EST Monday – Friday

Guided Tours: Introducing “Show Me How” for Students
This fall, students will have in-product guidance on how to complete key tasks. The “Show Me How” box will appear in Naviance Student explaining how to complete certain tasks.

 A look at where students will access the “Show Me How” guided tours 

We wish you a great year ahead!

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