Looking Back on Naviance Summer Institute 2014

As students and educators across the country gear up for a new school year, we’re looking back on the 2014 Naviance Summer Institute in Palm Springs, CA.

3 Takeaways from Inside Higher Ed’s 2015 Survey of Community College Presidents

Hobsons sponsored the 2015 Inside Higher Ed Survey of Community College Presidents, A Study by Gallup and Inside Higher Ed, which aims to understand how community college presidents perceive the challenges facing two-year institutions in the United States. While the report offers tremendous insight into today’s realities for community colleges, three key takeaways underscore the important student success and completion conversation that is taking place across the country.

Hobsons Introduces Naviance Test Prep to Help Students Perform Their Best on Test Day

In response to customer feedback, we have developed Naviance Test Prep to deliver top content from leading publishers, a more engaging student experience, and in-depth institutional reporting. The new personalized learning platform uses a game-based approach to help students prepare for SAT and ACT.

Hobsons Acquires Starfish

At Hobsons, we want to be the student’s trusted advisor, developing solutions that connect learning to life and helping students maximize the value of their education. Our goal is to start early and guide students through a lifetime of education decisions, from grade school through graduate school.

Hobsons Acquires PAR Framework

By 2020, 65 percent of all jobs in the United States will require a postsecondary education, yet too many students begin their postsecondary journey without a clear path to completion, and colleges and universities struggle to find which interventions will lead to the best student outcomes. Why do students struggle to meet their goals? Too often, institutions fail to provide meaningful, holistic support to help students reach their educational goals and they lack the insight needed to determine what’s working and what’s not.

Bridging the Gap Between K-12 and Community College

Community college serves as an important bridge between K-12 and higher education, as well as an important driver for workforce readiness and economic growth. However, despite these important roles community colleges play, we seldom talk about how to improve that transition between K-12 and community college to ensure more successful outcomes.

Don’t Limit Your College Search Before It Begins: Four Things to Consider

Major decisions can be stressful and complicated, not to mention expensive: Which house in which neighborhood? Which job? Which retirement investments? This summer, many students and their families will make perhaps the most anxiety-inducing of long-term investment decisions: choosing a college.

2015 Starfish 360 Award Winners Leading the Way in Student Success

Through our annual Starfish 360 Awards Program™, we are able to shine a spotlight on this great work and celebrate the accomplishments of those institutions that are leading the way in student success. We’re pleased to recognize Columbus State Community College, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Helena College University of Montana as the 2105 Starfish 360 Award winners.

Choosing the Right College? Find Your Passion Fit First

It’s the peak of college application season for high school seniors and their families. A flurry of questions and decisions presents itself: How many and which schools to apply? What can we afford? How do we craft the perfect application?

Connecting College Access, Admissions and Completion

As deadlines are nearing for applications to many selective colleges, here is a viewpoint on the admissions process from Stephen M. Smith and Morton Sherman.

Six Ways to Make College More Affordable

A college diploma is no longer a luxury. By 2020, 65 percent of all jobs in the U.S. will require a postsecondary education. Sadly, rising college costs create the perception—and reality—that for many, college is beyond reach. Today, just over 43 million borrowers owe more than $1.2 trillion in student loans, with an average balance of $29,000—outpacing credit card debt and second only to mortgage debt.

Focus on Teacher Strengths to Help Students Succeed

The more we study, evaluate, and implement changes to the U.S. education system, the more we learn about what works and what doesn’t work. But there is one constant: We know that teachers have a direct effect on student achievement.

Convergence: A Growing P-20 Education System Leads to Greater Student Success

The convergence of HE and K-12 education systems is putting Hobsons in a great position to help students and institutions in exciting new ways.

Hobsons Partners with California Community Colleges to Help Students Succeed from Start to Finish

Announcement of a major partnership with the California Community Colleges that will give more than two million students the ability to identify their academic goals, recognize when they encounter challenges, develop personalized course plans, and make informed choices about their education.

Big Data in Education. So What?

The sooner we get beyond broad, non-specific statements about the potential transformational impact of "big data" in education and focus on real use cases, the better.