Don’t Worry About What’s Ahead – Savor the Journey!

Tis’ the season of commencement addresses. What would I say if I were to give a commencement speech today? Don’t worry about what’s ahead – savor the journey!

My Take on “The Emerging MOOC Environment”

Like it or not, the massive mobility, affordability, and accessibility of cloud technologies is transforming education, allowing educators to connect with students and vice versa like never before. For instance, a student from Brazil can enroll in a MOOC by leading researchers from MIT, Harvard, or the University of Virginia for FREE. What’s more, they can receive a certificate for completing the class. Talk about a resume builder.

Partnering with AASA to Support Education Excellence

Hobsons is a proud partner of AASA and sponsor of NCE 2016. Through our partnership, we work directly with key decision-makers and influencers in K-12 education to advance our shared goals of providing students with equal access to high quality educational opportunities. We look forward to participating in a variety of activities with AASA and its members this week before and during the conference.

Supporting Higher Ed at the 2016 ACE Annual Meeting

This year, Hobsons is a proud sponsor of the ACE Annual Meeting, and we look forward to participating in a variety of activities with ACE and its members during the conference.

Student success isn’t like herding cats!

In July, more than 200 educational leaders gathered for learning, sharing, and insight on “Fostering Student Success” at this year’s AASCU Academic Affairs Summer Meeting in Fort Lauderdale. But, it wasn’t the keynote that captured everyone’s attention, setting the stage for the entire conference. It was this short, sixty-second video of a gang of rugged cowboys on horseback herding a posse of fluffy felines.

8 Creative Ideas to Makeover College and Career Readiness at Your School

Preparing your juniors and seniors for the onslaught of college entrance exams and applications this fall doesn’t always requisite traditional college and career readiness programs and activities. Sometimes it takes a little extra elbow grease and creative thinking to captivate and encourage students to talk about their plans for the future.

College Admissions Spring-Cleaning - 10 Steps to Hosting a Memorable Counselor Tour

Although spring seems like it will never come to Minnesota, I decided to do a bit of spring-cleaning and came across a file entitled “Counselor Tours.” This file reminded me of the many tours I had the opportunity to participate in while spending nearly a decade as a Director of College Counseling. These tours are something I miss and were some of the best professional development experiences I had.

Effective College Visits Don’t Require Tour Guides to Walk Backwards

As a Director of College Counseling, I had the opportunity to visit college campuses all over the country. I lost track when the number hit 100. After experiencing firsthand how institutions welcome students to campus and, consequently, the reactions of students and parents, here are my recommendations on what makes a positive college visit.

Someone in the World Changed You

As educators, neighbors, family or friend, we have the opportunity to do what it takes to open up the possibilities for young people. We must. Students recognize authenticity in those that they encounter.

Parents, our greatest ally

“Helicopter”, “bulldozer”, “trailblazer.” These are just a few words used to describe parents of today’s college bound high school students. Over the course of the past 30+ years, I have worked with parents on both sides of the college admissions desk. It has been a rich and rewarding experience, even when parents might be described as a “bulldozer.”

Talent x Effort = Merit (or does it?)

Is merit situational in today’s college selection landscape? Is it what a student has earned, learned, and somehow deserves? Or is it what a college desires including the kinds of students faculty want to teach? Higher education has a strong habit of looking inward.

The Human Element

The holidays are behind us and the New Year is ahead in all of its glory. Many articles have and will be published on how to become better organized. As the old adage goes, “Out with the old – in with the new.”