Achieving What Matters Most (To You!)

How do schools get better at achieving goals that are most important to them? We have been exploring this question in a series of free Curriculum Breakfast Masterclasses held in Australian capital cities. Besides an opportunity to meet great educators, we have received positive feedback on the direction we’ve taken with Edumate’s Curriculum Mapping and Delivery software. This software helps schools accurately map their curriculum back to their required standards, as well as embed their own school’s values, vision, and frameworks directly into unit planning.

Choosing Apps by Design

Not long ago, schools were struggling to provide students with access to computers, the Internet, and advanced software. Today, many students enter our classrooms with all three right in their pockets or backpacks. How can we take advantage of our new Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) reality? We might look for answers in blog posts and articles bearing titles like "20 Awesome Digital Learning Tools," or "100 Top Apps for Learning." We might pore over online collections like APPitic to find the latest and greatest education apps. But is more technology the answer? Will the newest digital tool really show us the way?