We Asked. They Answered. Student and Parent Feedback About College Recruitment Communications

To take a quick measure of student and parent perceptions of outbound college communications, we posted an open-ended question on College Confidential, asking what they like and dislike about how colleges communicate with them. We collected the responses and ranked the most frequently mentioned among them.

Avoiding the Pain Chain: Tips for Strategic Allocation of Student Recruitment and Marketing Budgets

As Hobsons admissions and advising consultants, we encourage institutions to increase their student engagement efforts by leveraging technology investments to communicate more personally. Learning more about your students and prospective students and engaging on a personal level will help strengthen your relationships with them.

Understanding Your Ideal Students: Three Steps to Developing a Student Persona

Institutions are increasingly trying to understand how to engage prospective students while also trying to make smart budget decisions. One approach to making informed decisions about where and how to engage an institution’s ideal student set is the student persona, based on the “buyer persona” tactic many brand leaders embrace.

Three Critical Approaches HSI Institutions Can Implement to Drive Student Success

In 2014, Northern Essex Community College (NECC), a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) based in Massachusetts enrolling 15,000 students, initiated a small pilot program with Starfish with the goal of increasing retention and course completion rates.