Tertiary and Career Preparation for Students Across Australia

Hobsons conducted a survey of school counsellors and other educators to determine how students are being prepared for the changing economy. The results give a picture of tertiary and career preparation for students across Australia.

Progressive Feedback Versus Semester Based Reporting in K-12 Schools

Over the past 5-10 years we have seen a lot of emerging evidence that shows that much of the data we put onto school reports is not overly helpful to the students learning lifecycle and in many cases, too late to affect change.

The Flipped Classroom

The term “flipped classroom” is a term that has been trending over the past few years. The flipped classroom is a reversal of the traditional teaching method. Students first gain exposure to new material outside of the classroom (either by video or reading) and then once in class, students work on the harder tasks of assimilating knowledge and problem solving. Essentially work that would have traditionally been given as homework now becomes the focus of class time and the ’lecture’ is undertaken at home.

Post Secondary School and Career Readiness in Australia

Increasing Student Engagement in Australia

We are excited to offer Naviance by Hobsons, a global postsecondary planning tool already used by 8 million students worldwide to explore in meaningful ways the connection between education and careers as they progress through school.

Post Secondary School and Career Readiness in Australia

Promoting Career and Tertiary Education Readiness at EduTech

Hobsons is sponsoring the annual EduTech conference in Brisbane on 30 May – 1 June.