Community College: A Bridge to Somewhere

When people outside of the education industry think about community college, they often consider it a last resort. Sure, the mission is noble and it’s a great way to save money, but community college is not necessarily a desirable destination for most students. Or is it?

Welcome to the New

Welcome to the newly redesigned! It may seem odd to write about the launch of a corporate website, but this particular launch represents much more for Hobsons than a simple visual enhancement.

Helping Students Get Off the “Floor”

As high school graduation season approaches, it’s time to celebrate our students’ success. But while high school completion is an important milestone, we know it’s just the beginning when it comes to preparing students for the 21st century workforce.


Dan Obregon, Vice President of Marketing and User Experience at Hobsons recalls his most influential teachers.

Learning from Failure Image

Not All Failure Is Created Equal

Failure is all the rage. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a kindergartener, the lessons of failure can be quite powerful. However, the key to failing successfully lies in what you get out of it. Unfortunately, our education system is not always set up to support failure for those students who could stand to learn the most from it.

SAT Changes Raise the Bar for Test Prep Companies

The College Board made a big media splash earlier this week when they announced details behind the new SAT, which they plan to introduce in April of 2016.

Beyond the ‘Bathroom Bill’: What Should Colleges Know About LGBTQ Students?

Sexual orientation and gender identity have been hot topics on college campuses in recent weeks, especially with the intense debate over House Bill 2 in North Carolina. This so-called “bathroom bill” became law late last month, repealing local ordinances in Charlotte and elsewhere aimed at expanding protections for the LGBTQ community.

Ten Tips for College Admissions Officers from Yogi Berra

Here’s a list of the top ten words of wisdom from Yogi Berra to college admissions professionals.

Funny, Your Individualized Learning Plan Looks Just Like Mine.

Individualized learning is all the rage. As schools and districts adopt new technology to support students in the classroom, many are doing so in the hopes of being able to deliver on the promise of differentiated instruction, and states have jumped on the bandwagon as well.

Overwhelmed with College Planning? Here are 10 Quick Tips for Parents

College planning can be stressful for students, families and counselors. Here are 10 tips for parents to keep in mind as you help students plan for life after high school.

NSI 2015 Product Forum: Connecting Learning to Life from Start to Finish

​This year's product forum at Naviance Summer Institute highlighted our commitment to bridging the divide between college eligibility and college readiness. As part of our commitment at this year's Clinton Global Initiative, we are partnering with AASA to foster a dialogue between K-12 administrators and community college presidents to help students transition from high school to a post-secondary environment.

Want Students to Be Ready for College and the Workforce? Give Them Hope.

As educators around the country prepare for “back to school,” the national dialogue will once again turn to college and career readiness. With elections coming up in the fall, federal education policy will be a hot topic, so it's time to get serious about how proposed changes will affect students' futures.

Michelle Obama Urges Students and Counselors to Reach Higher at ASCA 2014 Annual Conference

We’re hopeful that initiatives like Reach Higher will be the first step towards getting school counselors the attention and resources they deserve.

Admit It. College Admissions is Broken.

By understanding student’s interests and strengths, college admissions professionals can focus on finding those students that will be successful, and not just those students that meet minimum requirements for admissions.

Recent SAT Changes Emphasize Classroom Learning and Test Prep Equity

Changes to the SAT will make it easier for students to focus on learning the material they need to master, instead of needing to memorize “tips and tricks.”