Keep At-Risk Students Engaged in Class by Connecting Them to Adult Role Models

When students are faced with social or emotional challenges, connecting them to an adult role model can often provide the support they need to stay in school.

11 Essentials to Pack for Naviance Summer Institute

Don’t know how to pack for NSI? Here are 11 things to bring to the Naviance Summer Institute conference.

Survey Your Students to Increase Student Engagement

To increase student engagement, first measure engagement with the Gallup Student Poll, then let students have more freedom of choice in their school day.

Use Self-Discovery to Increase Student Engagement and College and Career Exploration

If you think it is difficult to get students excited about learning Chemistry, it is decidedly less hard to get them excited about learning about themselves. So why not harness that willingness to engage and put it to good use, in the form of self-discovery?

Bridging the Aspirations Gap: How the Naviance Curriculum Was Born

Learn how the Naviance College and Career Readiness Curriculum was created to bridge the aspirations gap, plus how it was developed and validated by students.

How to Increase Student Engagement Using Social Media

Reaching out to every individual student in your school can be difficult, but thanks to the consuming presence of technology in modern students’ lives, building the feeling of connection and belonging within the school community is easier than ever.

What’s Going On at NSI 2014? Here Are 14 Reasons You Should Find Out!

Want to meet hundreds of education professionals for networking, in-person learning and professional inspiration? Here are 14 reasons you should attend NSI 2014.

Clover High School: From Chaos to Capability to Creativity

Jennifer Forrest, Department Chair of Counseling at Clover High School, shares how Naviance helped take her counseling program from chaos to capability to creativity over the course of five years.

What Will Your Students Do Over Summer Break?

Here’s how to help students make the most of their summer by exploring future colleges and careers and put something spectacular and memorable on their college applications that will set them apart from the crowd.

Engaging Students through Career Fairs and Inspirational Speakers

Learn how getting real-life professionals to talk about their careers is an excellent way to help connect learning to life and keep students engaged in school.

How Can You Equip Your Students to Own Their Education?

Students today are facing what we call an “Aspirations Gap.” This is the difference between what students aspire to achieve and what they actually accomplish.

NSI 2014 Daily Recap: Day 3

The 2014 Naviance Summer Institute wrapped up with another 20+ sessions led by clients, partners, colleges, and Hobsons staff, plus the ever-popular Product Forum, an inspiring video from Roadtrip Nation, and the networking lunch. Here's a quick photo recap of the final day of NSI 2014.

3 Easy Ways to Increase Student Engagement

To wrap up our blog series on student engagement, here are some quick takeaways in 3 easy steps to increase student engagement.

NSI 2014 Daily Recap: Day 2

The main conference got started yesterday with the Opening and Awards Ceremony, honoring outstanding work in counseling with the Excellence in Leadership and Innovative Program of the Year awards.

Where is College & Career Guidance Heading Next?

A new white paper from Digital Learning Now, a national initiative of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, will help educators re-think their approach to guidance services.