Strategies for Successful Degree Planning
Watch this webinar recording to learn more about Everett Community College, South Puget Sound Community College, and Whatcom Community College strategies for implementing degree planning initiatives on campus.
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Like World War I and other epic events, COVID-19 could create the next Lost Generation
College students are feeling stressed and alone. Faculty members too often discuss exhausted students who go missing from class after helping a friend in crisis. In a newly released national survey by Hobsons and Hanover Research, 68% of college students said COVID-19 has “somewhat” or “very” negatively impacted their mental health.
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4 key ways COVID has impacted college students
For nearly a year, college students across the nation have navigated a roller coaster of unexpected changes and shifts in learning and living situations as COVID-19 continues. Newly released research from Hobsons shows the 4 ways students were impacted and how to combat those challenges.
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Case Study: Pennsylvania State University
Once we began our implementation, we uncovered Starfish’s broader potential to build networks to better support our students and to shape a culture of student success at Penn State.
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From K-12 Through College: Advancing Black/African American Student Success
At Hobsons, we are committed to supporting all students (no matter race or ethnicity) to achieve success and putting them on a path to find their ideal academic and career option. Representation matters and by providing students a path to success, we can achieve great results.
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Survey Reveals Students Struggling with Academics During Pandemic
As students adjust to the realities of college life during a pandemic, the majority (71%) are having trouble staying focused on their coursework, according to a newly released survey by Starfish from Hobsons conducted in the Fall of 2020.
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Mentoring: A Way To Drive Interest And Success In The STEM Field
Hobsons CEO Kate Cassino's shares how mentorship is crucial in helping students understand what a career in STEM can look like.
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Teaching students during isolation period
Starfish by Hobsons Releases New COVID-19 Student Success Survey
More than 70% of college students are struggling to focus on their academics, according to a new survey of more than 1,000 two- and four-year students from Starfish by Hobsons. The report highlights key findings about what college life looks like now for students, the challenges they face, and the concerns they have for their future.
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Online Students’ Mental Health More Likely to Suffer
College students enrolled in online and hybrid learning reported mental health struggles at a far higher rate than did in-person students, a new study has found. Mental health concerns are 75% more common among remote or hybrid students, according to a survey of 1,000 two- and four-year students conducted by Hanover Research for Hobsons.

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