Case Study
Everett Public Schools
Through their focus on SEL and partnership with Naviance, Everett Public Schools has seen a 65% increase in their graduation rate, helping to prepare a new generation of students to be successful.
Press Release
Naviance by Hobsons Announces 2020 Growth Despite Unprecedented Year
Naviance added more than 600,000 new students and 9 out of 10 schools chose to continue with Naviance in 2020. Read how Naviance helped schools succeed in 2020.
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How Naviance — and Schools — Thrived This Year
In 2020 many districts and schools across the United States were forced to bring their deeply interpersonal spaces to a virtual world and thrived in spite of the change. And so did Naviance, the leader in college, career, and life readiness.
Case Study
Chicago Public Schools
Through the use of Naviance and by focusing on transitions, Chicago Public Schools has achieved a college enrollment rate of 68%, a 36% increase since 2006, and a 20% reduction in summer melt. Read the case study to learn more.
Blog - Client Corner - Highline Public Schools
Client Corner: How Highline Public Schools Creates a College and Career Readiness Culture
Highline Public Schools (WA) is committed to equity in education, high expectations for all, and partnering with families and the community to ensure that all children achieve their potential. In this blog, learn about their creative strategies to create a culture of college and career readiness.
A Nationwide Look at Career Readiness Trends
In this eBook, we explore career readiness trends nationwide for middle and high school students and how to create personalized pathways.
The Role of Scholarships in the College Financial Equation
College is expensive, but scholarships can help reduce the cost. Learn about the different types of scholarships and how to find them.
How the Landscape of Career Readiness is Changing
While many students choose college after high school, it's not the only path worth considering. In this interview with District Administration, Hobsons SVP of Product Amy Reitz illuminates the importance of ensuring that K-12 students have a chance to explore all of their career options.
Press Coverage
Intersect • Naviance • Starfish
Supporting Students On Their Paths To Success In Today’s Uncertainty
Students face unprecedented challenges with the shutdown of schools this past spring due to Covid-19. Hobsons' survey data shows that students have struggled after missing critical transitional supports. In this Forbes article, Hobsons CEO Kate Cassino shares her views on how education institutions can support students.

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