3 Ways to Have a Productive Summer Break

You did it! Another school year has come and gone, and now there’s time to hit the pool and relax for the summer. Summer is an ideal time to take steps to plan for your future. Regardless of your grade, aspirations, or location, you can use these tips to help create a strategy to set and achieve your personal goals.

Middle School

  • Research potential career paths. Take the Cluster Finder in Naviance Student (Home Page > About Me > My Assessments > Career Cluster Finder) to learn about exciting careers. Use the different career profiles to explore paths that sound interesting. Save your favorites so you can come back to them later!
  • Understand how to overcome obstacles. Middle school is often a time of trial and growth both personally and academically. You may receive a bad grade, or forget to do your homework. While mistakes happen to everyone, what’s important is responding in a positive way. Ask yourself: how can I learn from this? What could I do differently next time?
  • ​Identify habits that lead to success. Think back over your past year in school. Did you score better on tests when studying a week prior rather than cramming the day before? What about studying in the daytime versus nighttime? Analyzing your successful (and unsuccessful!) habits can help prepare you to be the best student you can be and do well on tests and assignments.

Early High School

  • Discover your ideal college fit. Although not everyone will choose to attend college, it’s still important to take a look at different types of colleges available should you decide to go this route. Think about what you care about in a school: location? Size? Majors and special programs offered? Start with SuperMatch® (Home Page > Colleges > Find Your Fit > SuperMatch®) in Naviance Student to find schools that match your interests. Your counselor is also a great resource!
  • ​​Pursue volunteer opportunities. Many high schools require a certain number of community service or volunteer hours. Get ahead of the game by lending a hand in your local community. If your school does not have a service requirement, volunteering looks great on college applications and resumes!
  • Plan your high school courses. Take the Career Interest Profiler in Naviance Student (Home Page > About Me > My Assessments > Career Interest Profiler) and learn about the certifications, skills, and coursework needed for different career fields. Plan your upcoming courses based on these requirements to increase your preparedness. If you’re still not sure of a career path at this point, not to worry! Choose electives that interest you and who knows, one of them may turn out to connect to your future career.  

Late High School 

  • Schedule college visits If you plan to attend college, now is the time to visit campuses, go on tours, sit in on classes, and meet with admissions representatives. Your counselor can be a great resource for visiting college campuses and meeting with college representatives coming to your school.
  • Gain work experience. Whether it be an internship, job shadowing opportunity, or bussing tables at your local diner, work experience over the summer is super valuable. Work experience shows that you are responsible, able to follow through on a commitment, and allows you to experience fields that could be a good fit after high school.
  • Create or update your resume. With graduation around the corner, it’s a good time to create or update your resume. This will help you organize your experience and accomplishments in high school to present to future employers or colleges. The Resume Builder in Naviance Student will guide you through the process step-by-step!

Enjoy your summer and best of luck from the Naviance team!

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