Ensuring all students are college, career, and military ready requires districts to invest time and resources to develop plans, track student progress, evaluate program effectiveness, and monitor requirements.

Texas districts look to Naviance to provide and help implement a comprehensive CCMR management system. With Naviance, districts can efficiently meet Personal Graduation Plan requirements, track CCMR indicators, and identify effective strategies to meet CCMR goals.

Partnering with Naviance to Support CCMR for All Texas Students.

With Naviance, a proven and integrated platform, school and districts across Texas not only meet state requirements but also promote successful postsecondary student outcomes.

Ensure FAFSA/TASFA Completion to Encourage College Enrollment

Naviance provides tools to support student college search and access that impact FAFSA completion. Students can research colleges in Naviance including the cost of tuition, room and board, as well as grant and loan information. Lessons in Naviance Curriculum, such as “Get Ready for the FAFSA” and “Completing the FAFSA” help students understand why and how to complete the FAFSA. To learn more, watch the Naviance session at the 2021 TASA Midwinter Conference on “How to Increase FAFSA/TASFA Completion for Your School or District“.

Build and Track Personal Graduation Plans

Naviance Course Planner allows students to develop Personal Graduation Plans (PGP) that are aligned to students’ chosen endorsements and integrated with their postsecondary plans.

Developed in conjunction with Texas educators, Naviance Course Planner helps students meet standards that fulfill Texas Education Agency (TEA) requirements.

Learn how Humble Independent School District implemented Naviance to help 43,000 middle and high school students develop PGPs.

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Monitor CCMR Indicators to Meet A-F Accountability Requirements

Naviance Insights Premium enables schools and districts to easily track student performance towards CCMR indicators and encourage data-driven decision making by identifying key variables that influence career and college outcomes. Districts can track college enrollment trends for the last 6 class years and adjust strategies based on the results.

With the Naviance Student Readiness Report (SRR), schools and districts can easily share student progress toward completion of CCMR indicators with parents/guardians. SRR is a customizable report that provides a holistic view of student progress that is easily shareable with parents/guardians.

Provide Students With Robust College Search and Career Exploration and Planning Tools

Whether students enroll in a higher education institution, enroll in the military, enter the workforce, or a combination of these, the end goal is that they pursue a fulfilling and meaningful career.

Naviance enables students to explore various careers, engage in work-based learning opportunities, and build an actionable individual plan toward their future goals. With Naviance, students have access to work-based learning opportunities that allow them to explore their career interests and find the best-fit career path to reach their future goals.

Improve Outcomes with Naviance

An independent study with Denton Independent School District links Naviance use and CCMR outcomes. Here are a few reasons why Texas districts choose Naviance.

Comprehensive Platform

Reach 100% of students with comprehensive tools for students and educators. Naviance is aligned with HB22 (Texas A-F Accountability) and can be purchased with Perkins Grant funds.

Advanced Data & Analytics

Unmatched data and insights to analyze outcomes and understand trends, all to inform your CCMR strategy.

Tailored-for-Texas Course Planning

Built to meet TEA endorsement requirements, Naviance Course Planner ties to students’ postsecondary plans, helping to fulfill the mission of readiness for every student.

Research-Backed Model

Research-based student success model for guiding districts to help develop mindsets and skill sets for career, college and military readiness.


The Naviance team has provided Humble ISD with outstanding professional and personalized customer service that will enable our students to reach their full potential.

Terry Perkins, Deputy Superintendent Humble ISD

State Funding

House Bill 3 (HB3) provides funding increases for Texas schools to reward teacher excellence, improve equity across all schools, and focus on learning and student outcomes. HB3 encourages all districts to adopt college, career, and military readiness (CCMR) plans. Outcomes Bonuses can be used to support:

  • CCMR technology tools/platforms to reduce the workload of counselors and connect students to college and career modules, opportunities, and planning
  • College and career advising, including Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) completion and Career and Technical Education (CTE) expansion
  • Counseling services that promote activities to help students identify which courses prepare them for a specific career or college degree plan


Naviance is the college, career and military readiness platform used by many schools and districts in Texas, including:

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