Do you want to extend awareness of your institution by meeting with students in person at their school and promoting your campus events?

Presence expands your awareness with RepVisits, making it easy to arrange high school and college fair travel, and Events, enabling students and families to see the options they have to visit and experience your college campus. 


Intersect Presence customers have additional Enhanced RepVisits functionality -- If you’re planning to expand your visit list, you can get recommendations on Naviance schools to visit and add schools to your Travel Plan, then see territory-specific notifications when those high schools post their availability. You can view the visit availability for up to 10 high schools simultaneously, see the distance between selected high schools, and map appointments to optimize your visit travel. For insight into how the team is performing on the road, you can solicit feedback from high schools following admissions staff visits.You can also search for schools in the Hobsons Counselor Community, review the institutional profile and view visit availability. 


Nearly 3,000 high schools currently using RepVisits

Get recommendations for new schools to visit based on predictive data modelling that leverages millions of records

Visit Feedback feature allows higher ed institutions to solicit feedback from high schools following admissions staff visits


Events brings more best-fit students to campus and regional events to show them all you have to offer, a crucial step in moving students through the recruitment funnel. You can use best-fit student criteria to determine which students are the most likely to succeed at your institution, present visit opportunities, personalize pre- and post-event communication, and provide more substantial content for students at different stages in the enrollment process, ensuring a seamless visit experience.  Finally, encourage students to visit your campus by promoting these key visit opportunities and collecting RSVPs directly within Naviance, the tool they’re already using for their college research. 


Display on-campus events prominently to best-fit students

Use criteria, including location, high school class, GPA, and ethnicity to reach a specific audience

Download student attendee lists to facilitate event communications