Intersect Connection & Advanced Awareness (formerly known as ActiveMatch) helps higher education institutions better recruit best-fit students to their institutions. Institutions are able to identify audiences of students based on geography, diversity and academic match. For each of those audiences, you get to choose the desired engagement level.

Intersect Connection

Receive inquiries from students interested in your institution based on the audience you are interested in reaching. This allows institutions to focus on directing resources to nurturing high intent inquiries throughout the enrollment process. Optimize your inbound marketing efforts. Create customized marketing around students already interested in your institution. Leverage the brand exposure you have with these students to improve your conversion rates.

Intersect Advanced Awareness

Proactively reach and message to students within an audience who are a match for your institution based on student interests – competitors and majors. Increase the number of students who are interested in you and therefore increase the number of connections.

Our new approach focuses on:

Creating awareness with students that match your recruitment profile.

Providing relevant information to students based on their interests.

Connecting with interested, best-fit students who are more likely to apply, admit and enroll.

In addition to geographic, academic threshold and diversity customization, you can elect to message on competitors and majors. Your institution can adjust competitors, messages, majors and academic threshold throughout the year. This allows institutions to make adjustments to address what they are seeing with their own data to shape or build the class they need to make their goals. By maximizing personalized messaging based on audience segments and students’ interest, you can nurture and engage high intent inquiries that yield at a higher rate.

If you currently have ActiveMatch, when you log in to Intersect, you may see some messages about upgrading to Advanced Awareness. Your ActiveMatch subscription is still reaching students in Naviance and you’ll continue to receive connections! We’ll work with you to upgrade at a time that makes sense for you and will ensure no disruption to your recruiting efforts.