Are you interested in a unique approach for reaching best-fit students to meet enrollment goals at your institution?

Intersect by Hobsons is a matching platform offering a comprehensive set of solutions for colleges and universities to strategically reach best-fit students, those most likely to both apply and succeed at your institution, and reach institutional enrollment goals.

Intersect connects with Naviance, the world’s most widely-adopted college and career readiness platform−used by over 13 million students nationwide−enabling colleges and universities to better connect with high school students actively engaged in the college search process. Intersect also makes it easier for you to collaborate and create connections with high school counselors to support a successful student journey.

3 Solutions
to Meet Your Enrollment Needs



Raise awareness of your institution with students, families, and school counselors, and also enable high school counselors and college admissions staff to connect and share information. Our College Profile Pages and Counselor Community are the foundations of the Intersect solution line.



Extend the same awareness of your institution by meeting with students at their school and promoting your campus events. RepVisits and Events empower high school counselors and higher ed institutions to manage communication and planning for critical in-person meetings and events involving students.



Prompt students to connect with your college and receive relevant communications and outreach. Intersect Connection and Advanced Awareness enables higher ed institutions to match with students based on pre-determined characteristics and present specific messaging along with an invitation to connect.


Visit the Resource Center

Counselor Community

The Counselor Community enables college admission counselors and high school counselors to build relationships and develop deeper knowledge about secondary and postsecondary institutions.


RepVisits enables you to schedule your visits with individual high schools, searching by location or name. You can also see information about college fairs and sign up to attend.

College Profile

A student researching colleges in Naviance can visit the College Profile of a school. College admissions staff manage the information provided on their institution’s College Profile.