Welcome to Intersect, the innovative, comprehensive matching platform that enables higher education institutions to increase awareness with high school counselors and students and to facilitate connections with best-fit students that enhance the likelihood of successful application and enrollment.

Hobsons Counselor Community

The Hobsons Counselor Community enables admission counselors and school counselors to build relationships, develop deeper knowledge about secondary and postsecondary institutions, and work together to help students find best-fit options. All Naviance schools (in the U.S. and worldwide) and all U.S. high schools have the opportunity to be members of the community.

High school members are able to create individual profiles, connect with other users, follow institutions of interest, update key data and news about their school, and join discussion and networking groups. All colleges and universities have institutional profiles that provide key data, and users will be able to update data, post news about their institution, and see how many people are following their institution. Intersect Awareness clients will be able to create individual profiles, connect with other community members, search for institutions and individuals, and participate in discussion and networking groups.

College Profile Pages

College Profile pages receive over fifty million page views each year by Naviance students who are exploring college options. All colleges and universities have a profile with key information about admissions, student life, and academic programs that they can update within Intersect. For Intersect Awareness clients, students can see photos and web tours of campus, read profiles of students, alumni, and programs, and link to important university websites.

College Profile Pages for International Students

International students need specific information to navigate the U.S. higher education system. They need to know which standardized tests they must take, and any admissions requirements and deadlines that are unique to Internationals. The new College Profile pages for International students provide all this information and much more to help these students learn about and decide whether to pursue admission at a U.S. institution.


RepVisits enables you to quickly and easily set up your travel schedule. You can search for individual high schools by location or name, view visit availability for an individual school, and sign up for a visit appointment in 60 seconds or less. You can also see information about college fairs and sign up to attend.

Intersect Presence customers have additional functionality and can view the visit availability for up to 10 high schools simultaneously, see the distance between selected high schools, and map their appointments to optimize visit travel. If you’re planning to expand your visit list, you can get recommendations on Naviance schools to visit and add schools to your Travel Plan, then see territory-specific notifications when those high schools post their availability. Or, search for schools in the Hobsons Counselor Community, review the institutional profile, and view visit availability when you find schools that appear to be a fit for your college or university.

ActiveMatch Events

ActiveMatch Events allows you to drive attendance to campus and other events that are designed for specific student groups. You can use best-fit student criteria to personalize event communication and provide more substantial content for students at different stages in the enrollment process. You can encourage students to visit campus by promoting key visit opportunities within Naviance, the tool they’re already using for their college search. Present visit opportunities, manage student registrations, and trigger pre- and post-event event communication to ensure a seamless visit experience.

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