Extra Credit: Beyonce 101

What’s up with Rutgers University offering a course on Beyonce?

Extra Credit: I Met the First Lady. She’s So Cool.

This is a fantastic story of a school counselor who helps her students find their inner rising star and then becomes one herself.

Episode Nine: The Best Measurement of College Readiness

In this episode, hear one man’s mission to change the standard measurement for college readiness, as well as one woman’s professional triumph, and why the beer goggles effect may have it all wrong.

Extra Credit: Redefining Success for Kids

How we define success for children can actually be harmful.

Extra Credit: Experiential Learning Behind Bars

Taking experiential learning to new heights, this innovative college course goes to prison.

Extra Credit: Beyond the Grade

Extra Credit: There is more to a student than her grades.

Extra Credit: Memorable Teacher Makes a Mark

The impact a teacher can have, should never be underestimated.

Extra Credit: Latina Girls FTW!

Inspired by the serious gap between female minorities & tech industries, “Latina Girls Code” has one goal.

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