Extra Credit: Teachers Loved and Lost but not Forgotten

Remember that one teacher who changed everything for you? So does Anna.

Extra Credit: Experiential Learning on New York’s Harbour

At this school in New York the day starts on a boat then moves to the beach. Its city-dwelling students are learning through nature.

Extra Credit: The Economics of Love and Sex

There’s an off-the-beaten-path course being taught at a Canadian university. It involves love, sex and economics.

Extra Credit: Diversity on Campus: What Lies Ahead

We live in an increasingly diverse and global society. We need to be able to learn and work and live alongside people from a multitude of backgrounds. Increased diversity on our country’s college campuses is a goal for most institutions, but what still lies ahead?

Extra Credit: Timely Texts Cool the Summer Melt

There are many reasons freshly graduated high school students experience summer melt. That is, failure to follow through on their college-bound intentions. But research has shown that well-timed texts with specific, actionable messages can counteract this trend.

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Perseverance: Just Keep Swimming

What does perseverance mean to high school students? Is it studying hard for a test in a difficult subject? Is it practicing a skill until they’re the best they can be? For Yusra Mardini, perseverance means swimming.

Timely Texts, the Economics of Love, and Diversity on Campus

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Breaking Boundaries or Building Bridges?

UK student services professionals are gathering this week in Glasgow for the AMOSSHE Annual Conference.

Extra Credit: Benefits of a Gap Year

Taking a year off after high school is not such a bad thing afterall. In fact, it just might be the smartest decision some students can make.

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