Flashback Friday: A Look Back at Hobsons University 2015

Relive a few highlights from Hobsons University 2015, our tenth year anniversary.

Introducing a New Closing Session at Hobsons University

What if you only had five minutes on stage – what would you say? We are excited to announce Take 5!, a new interactive closing session that will educate and inspire our HU community. There won’t be a reading of bios or long explanations. Take 5! is a quick and fun way for our clients to share best practices and success stories and for HU participants to learn new tips, engage, and have fun.

Shifting from Access to Success: A Look at Higher Education in the UK

The Sutton Trust published a report, Degrees of Debt, indicating that, under the new fees regime, the typical English student now faces debts of more than £44,000 at graduation. The report found that amongst graduates in eight Anglophone countries (England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand), English students fare worst.

Education News Podcast

Role-playing in the Classroom, Difficult Transitions, and Nervous Teachers

Dungeons and Dragons is a role-playing game popular in living rooms, but could it apply in the classroom as well? What does it mean to be truly prepared for college? And, once in college, should students be doing more to ready themselves for life after school?

Beyond the Dashboard: Why Learning Analytics Don’t Guarantee Student Success

Much attention has been paid recently to the power of advanced analytics services and technologies to aggregate, score and evaluate students. These services collect and streamline disparate institutional data sources into more manageable dashboards. In the excitement over the increased granularity and improved view into students’ activities and behaviour now available to universities, an important question is often left unanswered: how should institutions act on this newly comprehensible information?

Episode Two:Personal questions on college applications, thinking critically, and a zombie apocalypse

In today’s episode of Upgraded by Hobsons, we ask questions about what belongs on a college admissions form and what does not.

What Does the Future of Higher Education Look Like?

Higher education is constantly under examination and evaluation. But what does the future of higher education look like? Possibly Minerva Schools in San Francisco, Calif.

Education Analytics Blog Graphic

Learning Analytics: More Than Just Weather Forecasting?

The Higher Education Commission (HEC)’s recently released report, From Bricks to Clicks - The Potential of Data and Analytics in Higher Education, describes factors contributing to and the challenges embedded in the sector’s surge of interest in learning analytics.

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