Postsecondary School & Career Readiness


Too many students go through school without understanding how it will impact their future. As a result, in the UK, 12%-20% of students are disengaged during high school.  What if students could align their strengths and interests to long-term goals, and educators had insight into university and career plans to help students and families make informed decisions?

Naviance by Hobsons offers a comprehensive postsecondary school and career readiness solution that helps students define postsecondary goals and develop individualised plans for reaching them.

Sherilyn Calhoun The personality and career assessments are invaluable as we work with students to discover areas of interest and set goals for the future. Sherilyn Calhoun
Incarnate Word Academy High School, Corpus Christi, TX

Admissions & Enrolment


With record numbers of students applying to university in the UK, it’s more important than ever to have solid admissions and enrolment processes at your institution. How do you match your institution to students that are the right fit?

Radius by Hobsons is a CRM for higher education that enables admissions and enrolment professionals to make purposeful connections across the student lifecycle. Radius helps students connect with best-fit institutions, and enables colleges and universities to deliver personalised service and communication to prospects, admitted and enrolled students.

Maria Garcia Rey

Our partnership with Hobsons and the implementation of Radius has allowed us to reach historic records on enrolments and activity.

Maria Garcia Rey
ESADE Business School

Student Success & Advising


More than ever, higher education institutions are investing in different programs and interventions to support student advising, retention and completion. Often, these programs are not coordinated or scalable.

Starfish by Hobsons is an enterprise student success and retention solution that integrates student data from existing technologies used across campus with perspectives from real people working with real students. It presents this data in a student-centric way so it’s easy to see how to best resolve any concerns. Starfish helps students get on the path to success and stay on it.

Staff member

Students really like that tutors can post their available times and they can go into the system and easily book an appointment with their tutor.

Staff member
Imperial College London

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