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What is the Hope Center?

The Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice is an action research center focused on rethinking and restructuring higher education and social policies, practices, and resources to create opportunities for all students to complete college degrees. Visit for more information.

Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab is Professor of Higher Education Policy & Sociology at Temple University, and Founding Director of the Hope Center. Sara focuses her research on food and housing insecurity in higher education students. As a result of her research, her team has developed a series of questions designed to identify students in need.

Why did Starfish choose to partner with the Hope Center?

When Howard Bell, Starfish General Manager, met Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab, he knew that she was onto something. Over the last year, they have been in touch to discuss how they could work together to help institutions better identify and support students with food and housing insecurities.

Is my institution eligible to participate in Starfish Project Hope?

All Starfish institutions are eligible to participate in Starfish Project Hope.

How can my institution participate?

Participating institutions will need to agree to make the Starfish Intake form available to students to fill out (rather than by faculty/staff on their behalf). The form will start with a page of questions to be determined by the Hope Center which cannot be edited, and the institution's own intake form will follow. We will share more details about participation with interested institutions as we get closer to launch.

What kinds of questions will the Hope Center include in the Starfish Intake Form?

The Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice is interested in learning more about food and housing insecurity faced by college students. So their questions will reflect those areas. The data collected through these intake surveys will help participating institutions understand in more detail the needs of their students.

In addition, the answers to the Starfish Project Hope questions will be anonymized and shared with the Hope Center researchers so they can continue to explore understanding of the needs of today’s college students from participating institutions across the country.

Can I edit the Starfish Project Hope questions to tailor them to our institution?

No. The questions from the Hope Center are not editable because the research protocol requires the same questions be asked of all participating students regardless of which participating institution they attend.

Can I use the enhanced Starfish Intake Form with Starfish Project Hope questions today?

Not yet. The enhanced Starfish Intake form with Starfish Project Hope questions will be available during the Spring of 2020.

Is there an additional fee to turn on the enhanced Starfish Intake Form?

There is no additional fee to turn on the enhanced Intake Form.

How do I learn more about the program?

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