Community College Presidents Survey

Community college presidents share their perspectives on enrollment and graduation rates in a 2016 Inside Higher Ed report


When asked what was a reasonable expectation for nationwide graduation rates, chief executives say that 41% is reasonable, however their own institution’s goal for graduation rates, on average, is 47%. What else do they think?

Learn more about Community College Presidents' perspectives on:

Reasonable graduation rates Reasons behind declining enrollments Debt-free college initiatives


Hobsons is committed to exploring the opportunities and challenges that exist in creating effective success bridges between K-12 and community college. Through community partnership with organizations such as AASA and AACC, Hobsons seeks to identify critical barriers to student success as they transition from high school to community college, and equip both K-12 and community college administrators with tools and resources to meet their respective needs.

Hobsons connects learning to life by matching students to opportunity across a lifetime of education decisions.


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