LCAP: Naviance helps California schools and districts meet state priorities

Every California student has the potential to change the community, the country, and the world. From the state senate to Silicon Valley, their possibilities are limitless, and with California’s college and career readiness initiatives, the expectation and opportunity to discover these possibilities are growing.  The question is no longer if these exciting strides will be made, but how.  Not only does Naviance by Hobsons enable schools and districts to improve student outcomes and connect learning to life, it also aligns directly with California ‘s Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).   

Naviance enables educators to:

  • Track and create middle school and high school course plans that fulfill a graduation requirement
  • Ensure that the district’s standards-aligned curriculum is pointed toward includes contextual college and career outcomes as well as social-emotional learning
  • Gain insight into key social and academic performance metrics
  • Provide parents insight into their child’s academic progress and post-secondary planning efforts, allowing them a more active role in their child’s educational lives

To learn more about how Naviance aligns directly with California college and career readiness priorities, explore our resources below.

Fact Sheet: California Students, Naviance, and the LCAP   Supporting LCAP with Naviance in California
From student course management planning to achieving proficiency in six essential college preparedness skills, Naviance by Hobsons not only helps California students prepare for their futures, but also aids California administrators in tackling their yearly LCAP plan submissions. Here’s 11 unique ways everybody wins.   Hobsons helps districts and schools achieve the goals outlined in their annual LCAP plan.  In this white paper, learn about the Naviance features that will enable your school or district to support and align specifically with the California LCAP requirements.


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California College Readiness Block Grants

The California State Department of Education will release an unprecedented $200 million in block grants for high school college readiness initiatives. These grants represent a state-level commitment to providing districts and high schools with flexible funding – especially for schools with high percentages of students who receive free and reduced lunch and are English language learners.

California College Readiness Block Grants On Demand Webinar: Implications and Opportunities for California Students’ College Readiness

The upcoming release of $200 million dollars in block grants for college and career readiness by the California Department of Education signals a growing focus on preparing California students for life after high school and long-term success. 


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