2016 Australian Student Preparedness Survey

A recent report anticipates that Australian workforce dynamics will change significantly over the next 20 years. The report predicts changes in traditional employment models, greater entrepreneurial activity, and diversification into new industries across the country. Following this report, Hobsons conducted a survey of school counsellors and other educators to determine how students are being prepared for the changing economy. The results give a picture of tertiary and career preparation for students across Australia.

Marketing Channel Optimisation

Part of Hobsons APAC's research and insight strategy, this white paper, titled Marketing Channel Optimisation: Achieving competitive advantage in higher education recruitment, outlines how students search for information about education institutions, including the marketing channels they engage with, the factors they consider when choosing an institution, and their preferred methods and frequency of communication.

Teaching Quality - International Student Marketing and Recruitment

The latest piece of Hobsons’ research from the Hobsons Insight series examines international students’ perceptions and expectations, comparing students looking to study in the UK to those interested in studying in Australia.

Student Engagement and Retention

The latest piece of Hobsons’ research from the Hobsons Insight series examines the circumstantial and experiential factors of student attrition.

International student decision-making

The latest piece of research from the Hobsons Insight Series examines the perceptions and expectations of prospective international students looking to study in New Zealand. The findings of this report are invaluable to all New Zealand institutions as we know international students evaluate a number of courses, institutions and destinations in their process of elimination.

An International Student’s Perspective

The latest piece of research from the #HobsonsInsight Series examines the Australian international education value proposition from the outlook of an international student. The piece examines how university courses and life meet students’ value expectations, taking into consideration core decision-making factors.

Student feedback and progressive reporting – What parents say

Our new piece of #HobsonsInsights is a K-12 focused analysis of recent research on student feedback and progressive reporting. We surveyed 1000+ Australian parents with children of various year levels, attending all different types of schools. The results are aligned to the national funding model and include state-by-state analysis.

Virtualizing the Admissions Review Process: Bringing Best Practices to the Cutting Edge

The application process is an important stage of the student lifecycle — and an important time for schools to connect with students. Students are applying to more schools than ever before at a time when college and university admissions offices face increasingly limited resources and competing priorities. This whitepaper examines the impact a virtual review process can have on institutions looking to maximize the productivity of admissions staff, improve service to students, and partner in the student experience.

How to Increase Student Engagement at Your School

To connect learning to life and stay in school, students need to be engaged with their education through three separate dimensions of student life: academically, socially, and emotionally. In this white paper, we lay out many different strategies to engaging all of your students through these three parts of their high school community.

Seven Things To Consider: Early Warning and Student Tracking Systems

Student retention has gained greater attention in recent years due to increased scrutiny by legislators, accrediting bodies, the media and the general public. However, while a large body of research is available regarding college student retention, many institutions are still grappling with decisions, including which programs and strategies to implement and how to assess their effectiveness.

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