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To Lunch or Not to Lunch - Perspectives on College Admission Travel

Ever wondered about the legions of college admissions counselors who visit your high school every year? What is life like on the road? How many schools are they visiting? And what makes for a ‘good’ visit to your school?

RepVisits – Taking the Pain Out of Visit Scheduling (May 18)

Scheduling visits to high schools can be a time-consuming process for both school counselors and admission counselors. That’s why Erica White, former school counselor and now a Product Manager at Hobsons, created RepVisits in 2015. RepVisits brings high schools and college admission counselors together on one website to schedule appointments and organize college fairs.

The Art of Texting Students

We’ve all heard that today’s students prefer text messages to just about any other communication medium. But how do you use text messaging effectively? When should you text? Which topics are ‘text-worthy’? What kind of tone should texts have? And how do you incorporate text messaging into your communication strategy – and, more importantly, into your overall enrollment plan? Learn the answers to these and many other burning questions so you can decide whether text messaging is something you should pursue and how to do it successfully.

“It Takes a Village” - Building Relationships to Ensure Student Success in Admissions

Hobsons is introducing a new community to help school counselors and college admissions officers network more effectively. We believe that creating close working relationships and simplifying connections between professionals "on both sides of the desk" can be a huge benefit to students. Join us for this webinar to learn more about the Hobsons Counselor Community - what it is, what it means for you and your students, and how you can participate.

Is Your School “Closing the Loop” on Student Success or Leaking Data?

Can you track how your school vision is embedded in curriculum units? Can you see how the vision comes to life in your online learning environment? Finally, can you then see how achievement of such goals is measured through student performance in course assessments?

Naviance: What’s New and Notable for 2016-17

In this webinar, you’ll learn what’s new in Naviance for the 2016-17 school year. You’ll also receive a preview of what’s on the horizon.

Increasing Retention Through an Integrated Student Experience Approach

This webinar will focus on effective implementation strategies, student success and retention outcomes, lessons learned and NECC’s plans for an integrated student experience using Starfish to increase student retention and success.

Move from Marketing to Matching in College Admissions

Join Amy Reitz, Director of Product Management for Matching Solutions, to learn how Hobsons is helping universities move from marketing to matching in the college admission process and building tools to foster better collaboration between high schools and higher education institutions.

How to Integrate Five Great Pedagogies

This Webinar illustrates how a school can integrate 5 effective pedagogies into a curriculum design workflow to achieve the student success they envision.

5 Reasons Why Curriculum Needs Designing

The thing that consumes the most time in every school is often the most over-looked. Sure, leaders and teachers put a lot of time and effort into their curriculum, but this can be motivated more by a need to comply than a drive to excel, and in the press of the urgent, teachers’ efforts can often overlook those aspects that make your school special. This Webinar provides 5 reasons why a curriculum needs to be designed, not merely "covered."

Naviance eDocs & The Common Application: Updates for 2016-17

We’ve made a few changes to the way Naviance eDocs and The Common Application work together, including several requested enhancements. Learn more in this pre-recorded webinar.

3 Steps to Achieving Your School’s Vision for Student Success

Most schools have a vision for themselves and some take the next step to articulate a vision for student success. But how many schools can point to exactly where achieving these visions happen in every classroom? This webinar details 3 steps a school can take to bring its vision to life and make it more likely all teachers target what matters most.

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