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Summing up motivations for study abroad

Why do students study abroad, and what drives them to choose one destination over another? Several large studies conducted over the past couple of years show that certain motivations are widely present among students the world over.

UK: Singapore peak for online degree study

Singapore and Hong Kong head up the league table for full-online UK degree study by overseas students in 2015/16. Nigeria, Malaysia and the US follow, with growth in these countries being attributed to greater digital connectivity as well as demands for flexible learning.

Playing the Trump Card: UK Universities Set to Gain in the Race to Attract International Students

Strategic issues — from the UK’s Referendum on the European Union to the US Presidential election last year — have the potential to influence where international students choose to study.

How Do We Show International Students They’re Still Welcome in the UK?

When the government decided against excluding international students from immigration targets through the Higher Education and Research Act, the higher education sector reacted with dismay.

Brexit Concerns Waning Among Prospective Students, Survey Suggests

Responses to the International Student Survey by Hobsons show 68.5% of prospective students say the EU referendum results had little impact on their interest to study in the UK.

What Do Students Really Think of Brexit?

Hobsons research reveals views of international students on Brexit, Trump, and the importance of 'welcoming' campaigns

Survey Finds Prospective Students Put the Emphasis on Welcome and Teaching Quality

Hobsons International Student Survey reveals welcoming atmosphere and teacher quality are most important factors in deciding where to study.

One in four Australian students drop out of high school, study finds

A study has found a quarter of Australian school students are not finishing Year 12, and that completion rates are much worse in remote and economically disadvantaged communities.

Schools: Invent The Next Era Of Education

Many in society have personally experienced the power of technology to enrich their learning. Such things as social media, on-demand audio-video streams and an unlimited array of newspapers, magazines and special-interest communities make this the best time for accessing learning opportunities that humanity has ever known.

5 Minutes With Tom March from Hobsons Edumate

Two truths are clear. Technology changes rapidly and schools change very slowly.

Australia has plenty to show the world’s international programs

The benefits of international study are many and varied. For countries receiving international students, there is a huge economic impact that extends far beyond student fees, benefiting industries such as travel and hospitality.

International students aren’t taking Australian jobs, says Hobsons

Four in five international students who study in Australia return home immediately after graduating, a survey by student recruitment and conversion specialists Hobsons has revealed. The company has argued that the findings show international students do not pose a threat to domestic graduates’ employment opportunities.

Why Australia is leading the way in recruitment of international students

Australian universities can teach other countries a thing or two about how to attract international students.

NAPLAN testing underway

Denis Whelan, APAC vice president of sales at international education resources, services and technology company Hobsons shares his thoughts on why he believes Australian institutions are so successful attracting students from overseas in comparison to the US, in light of Hobsons’ most recent report.

Australian HE should market to pre-teens, urges report

A third of prospective international students start considering their university options between the ages of 11 and 15 according to a survey of students applying to Australian universities carried out by Hobsons. Another 14% of the 45,000 respondents said they started weighing their university options even earlier, between the ages of seven and 10.

Take the pain out of curriculum planning and improve student outcomes

A guaranteed and viable curriculum is one of the most powerful predictors of student achievement, according to well-respected education researcher Robert Marzano (What works in schools: Translating research into action, 2003).

St Leo’s humbly blazing trail of success in innovation practice

St Leo’s Catholic College in Sydney is a systemic secondary school in the Broken Bay Diocese that sits on the Upper North Shore ensconced by several of Australia’s most exclusive and high profile private schools.

Principals back survey showing parents want frequent feedback on children’s education

PRINCIPALS have backed a national survey showing parents want more frequent and detailed feedback on their children’s education, because the current system raise issues when it is too late to address them.

Students want evidence their degree will lead to success

As we recently reported, a recent Hobson’s survey found that prospective international students are not looking primarily for proof of student satisfaction when they assess their options for post-secondary schooling abroad.

New Survey Highlights International Students Top Priorities

For the survey, Hobsons partnered with 16 universities from across the UK and Australia to ask questions of 100,000 of their prospective, current, and past students. They received 18,393 responses across 195 countries and 198 nationalities. The survey took place in January 2014. Given its methodology, it is oriented toward the recruitment environments in the UK and Australia, but many of its findings are instructive for education institutions and recruiters everywhere.

University rankings most important factor for international students

According to the survey of more than 14,000 international students in the UK and Australia, 77 per cent of respondents listed both university rankings and subject rankings as ‘very important’ when deciding where to study. “Student satisfaction” was mentioned by 74 per cent of students as very important, while use of technology and tuition fees were cited by 71 per cent as very important.

League tables are king to foreign students

The survey of over 14,000 international students and applicants, conducted by leaders in student lifecycle management Hobsons & The Parthenon Group, shows that ‘student experience’ and contact time are much less important to potential applicants than institutional and course-specific league table rankings.

Student profile and social media trends surveyed

Around half of international students planning or pursuing higher education study in Australia have a household income of less than US$25,000 and are more active in social media than domestic students, according to a survey by Australia-based education resource company Hobsons.

Deals of the Day

iProf Learnings Solutions, an India-based digital education library, has raised $9.5 million in Series B funding.

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