It’s back to school time, and today we launch Episode 6 of Upgraded by Hobsons, a free monthly podcast accessible through iTunes. More than 1.4 million listeners are tuning in to Upgraded. You can join them and listen the current episode here:

In this episode, we ask teachers what they’re looking forward to in the coming year, talk to the experts about inspiring students to go to college, and hear from high school seniors about touring campuses and creating college applications on video. We also hear from Stephen M. Smith, co-founder of Naviance and President of Admissions and Advising Solutions at Hobsons, as well as a few Hobsons clients and partners, talking about teachers they’ll never forget and what they like most about heading back to school.

Here’s a preview:

The Power of a Mentor: A powerful story, featuring motivational speaker Arel Moodie, reminds us why educators do what they do, and how one great mentor can change a life.

Campus Tours: College tours aren’t what they used to be. Colleges have always been competitive in an academic sense, but that drive to outdo one another is creeping into other areas. The result is an impressive and growing list of campus “extras.”   

Innovative Applications: The college application process is known for being a complicated and daunting endeavor, but that is changing. Listen to what Goucher College in Baltimore is now accepting in the place of traditional applications.

Weird 101: Business courses may be a dime a dozen, but this one is definitely off the beaten track. This course at Harvard Business School challenges future business tycoons to leverage the power of literature to learn to negotiate moral and ethical dilemmas.

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